1. SteveColes

    vBSeo General Info

    One of the issues that was considered when it was decided not to upgrade vBseq was cost. Since completing the staff to on vbseo, I just wanted to document the actual situation for future reference. We own two licenses, one is for this site and one for which was...
  2. J

    Delta Unisaw 36-945 3HP Info

    I am new user, so apologies if this in the wrong forum. I am looking to upgrade my current old Delta Contractors saw to a Unisaw. There is one for sale on Craigslist for $1450. I have been watching the ads and this seems like a reasonable price. This saw is a 3HP with 30" Unifence and says...
  3. cskipper

    Business card info

    I talked with a lot of folks about my new business cards while at the Klingspor event in Raleigh on the 17th. I told several folks I would share the link. Forgetting the fact that I have no memory ( :BangHead:) I didn't write any names down. If you wanted that info, please send me a pm. Thanks
  4. S

    upcoming carving class info

    Sorry it has taken so long, my little shop accident left me out of the shop last week. The tool list is as follows: # 3 or #5 gouge = 5, 6 or 8mm if Pfiel tool 1/4" to 3/8 if a Flexcut tool #12 = 3 to 4mm if Pfiel tool 60 degree parting tool 3/16" to 3/8" Flexcut 3/8"...
  5. PeteM

    Starting out in Relief Carving Info

    I've been asked how I got stared carving so I decided to do a little write-up listing some of the resources I found helpful. It's available in the download library here: Take a look and if you have any questions, comments...
  6. AmishWarlord

    Clamps info web page?

    Anyone have a link to an informative web site on woodworking clamps. I'd like to know what the names of the different types are, how and when to use a certain one and the history and development of that particular clamp.
  7. A

    Need TS info

    I could use a little help. I need tablesaw (cabinet, contractor, and benchtop) miter slot information for a project I'm working on. Could you please provide the saw brand, model number, and tilt direction and the measurement from the inside of the left miter slot to the center of a standard...
  8. C

    chisel sharpening info

    Can someone give me a rough starting angle to sharpen my chisels. I have a ws3000 for most things and a 6"grinder with a home made jig for the gouges. rough gouge spindle gouge bowl gouge thanks chester :wconfused:
  9. N

    ANY info on Paulownia trees market/buying please!

    Is there anyone out there that has an idea as to the market for paulownia trees? I am interested in starting my own plantation however the only information I'm lacking is Who will actually buy paulownia. I now it is great wood for furniture, instruments and such but I am very new to this, so...
  10. CarvedTones

    precision boring jig and some flute/whistle making info

    Make sure and read this post as it calls into question the whole idea of using the bushing. The bushing did and will work, but I am liking the other way... EDIT - barring an unforeseen problem with the jig, I think I completed it. I added a couple of posts for fixes for the compressed air and...
  11. W

    Grizzly 0490 Jointer info needed

    I looking for somebody who has a 0490 jointer to give me a call.I have a few dimensional questions that are not answered on the website.PM me and I'll get you my number.Thanx, Greg
  12. W

    Dyeing veneer info?

    I need to dye some white wood veneer in some bright colors for ornaments and was wondering what the best wood would be to use.Holly is mighty expensive to use the way I'm gonna bury it in these items.It will be accent colors so I'm hoping something like poplar will work.I have some transtint...
  13. B

    Need Info and Web sites for older Craftsman 12 inch band saw

    A while back a good friend of mine gave me a Craftsman 12 inch band saw he had purchased back in the early 80's. I have been trying to get as much information about this saw as possible, but am not having much luck. I found the model # on the motor 113.12791. I put this in several search...
  14. AmishWarlord

    How to change my fourm info

    I've moved how to a change my city on the info page? I tried edit details but that didn't let me change my home city.
  15. froglips

    FYI, new info at top of site....

    Yes, by now, many of you have noticed the new info showing some really great topics! First, the plug! Entry in our 2011 Calendar Contest is open until August 16th! On Sept. 11th, Klingspor's Woodworking Shop in Raleigh is hosting the 2010 North Carolina Woodworking Showcase. Enter your...
  16. gator

    Wood Brace Info

    I have two old braces that I would like to take apart and put in working condition. They have different bit holding mechanisms. I have searched the web (to the best of my ability) for 'brace anatomy' 'brace restoration' using all sorts of added words like 'wood' etc. I can find nothing. I do...
  17. pslamp32

    More vacuum press info needed!

    So I pressed my first tabletop tonight. Everything went well for the most part. My main question is in regards to glue squeeze out. My set-up is melamine bottom platen, veneered tabletop then breather mesh. After pressing for about an hour I pulled the panel and all looks pretty good except...
  18. llucas

    Need info on Kobra system

    Anyone know where I can get info on the Kobra articulated hollowing searches run in to dead-ends in the past year. Also anybody used the system and can comment on weaknesses, positives,etc. I have a PM 3520B and am interested in making 12 inch hollowforms. Thanks, Luke
  19. NCTurner

    Info FWIW Please respect, the OP on not posting pricing info.
  20. BKind2Anmls

    New Info on Ryobi Lawsuit

    From The blade guard and splitter were removed and he was making the cut without a rip fence. In April 2004, Carlos Osorio took a job as a flooring installer for PT Hardwood...

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