1. Eastern Red Cedar Adirondack Chair

    Eastern Red Cedar Adirondack Chair

    My first Adirondack Chair made out of Eastern Red Cedar
  2. farmerbw

    Looking for ERC posts

    Anyone in the Raleighwood area selling, or know anyone selling, ERC posts or small trunks/logs? I'm looking for a couple of fairly straight ones in the 3-5" diameter range. One needs to be at least 42" long and the other at least 34" long. Would like to have both, but could get by with one or...
  3. J

    ERC Finishing

    I have an ERC panel to post a "Beware of Dog" sign and then fasten to a poplar tree by the driveway. It's 14" x 14.5" (two 7.25"w pieces edge glued with TBIII and doweled). ROB sanded at 120g. I'm wondering whether to leave it natural or perhaps add 3-4+ coats of Waterlox "Original"...
  4. CrealBilly

    2 TTL of ERC

    Here's what you get out of two tractor trailer loads of Eastern Red Cedar logs. 2 years later a pool deck.. Each and every stick I cut on my wood mizer, air dried and milled in my shop. Like I said it's two years in the making you can see some of the ERC is already gray. I have to bleach it...
  5. JackLeg

    ERC Price and Availability

    Hey Sawyers! My buddy is looking for some ERC. Anyone have any? :dontknow: If so, what sizes and what's the price?:eusa_thin PM if you like. Thanx. :wsmile:
  6. HMH

    Where can I find live/ natural edge ERC?

    Hey Folks, My parents recently bought a vacation property near Boone, and I'd like to make them a sign for the front gate as part of their Christmas presents. Being a vacation spot, I'd like to keep it non-formal, and I'd really like to get my hands on a couple live edge/ natural edge ERC...
  7. NZAPP1

    ERC from sawduster (Thanks Robert)

    During one of the wood runs Robert (sawduster) had a piece of ERC disk about 14 x 2 1/2. Dozer the enabler convinced him that he should give me it and this is what I came up with.
  8. TV

    ERC Slab

    I have a neighbor looking for a slab of ERC. The slab size he is looking for would be approximately 2' x 3' (could be more) and 2-3" thick. I think he would like bark but don't know that he would fuss if it didn't. Anybody have/seen something like this? Thanks for any direction provided. tv
  9. J

    ERC Pool Deck WIP

    Well I think I got enough eastern red cedar cut and air dried this time to finish up the pool deck, no more excesses not to get it done. All that's left is to make up deck boards and beat em down on the far corner and around the edge. I did everything except cut the logs off the stump, buck em...
  10. J


    Some nice Eastern Red Cedar short logs came into the log yard a few days ago, if anyone is interested. Logger cut nice butt sections for his own personal use @ 7' long, then changed his mind. I would use them myself but I'm now after 10' and 12' for the pool deck railing and can't really use...
  11. Canuck

    Finish for ERC

    I have been asked by a neighbor to put together an outdoor project made entirely out of Eastern Red Cedar. They were very specific in the choice of wood because of the rich natural color of Red Cedar. As this will be used outdoors, what would be the best finish that would help protect that red...
  12. nelsone

    I Need Some ERC!

    Anyone in the Charlotte area have about 100bf of 5/4 ERC they are interested in selling?
  13. D

    Need ERC

    Hey guys don't know if this is the right place for this, if not please move it to appropriate site. I'm looking for some red cedar within driving distance of High Point. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Donald
  14. J

    ERC too pretty to become a pillar

    Ok I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10, the first person to guess the number gets this ERC pen blank, I'll mail it to you. I ran across it today milling 1x8's to make pillars for my pool deck. It's to pretty to become a pillar board. What the grain pattern is called I don't know, but...
  15. J


    Looking for approx 20~25 Eastern Red Cedar logs, minimum 10" diameter small end and 16' long. Will consider some less than 16'. Thanks
  16. J

    KD Lumber Run #2 QS Poplar / ERC *updated*

    After close consideration Scott and I have decided to try QS Poplar and flat sawn eastern red cedar as our second KD lumber run. I was pleasantly surprised after QS’ing poplar for the first time to see its uniqueness and uniform straight grain pattern. Not to mention QS lumber does have it’s...
  17. J

    Curly ERC

    Just the right size for making pens, 3/4sq x 5 1/2". I found a little more laying around in the corner of my shop that I forgot about. So just why did I post this? because it's so cool. I mean who has ever seen curly Eastern Red Cedar before? Now you have :-D. I wished I could take better...
  18. coastal1

    ERC Adirondack Chair

    Hey Guys I finally got the pics of my newest chair design uploaded. They are in my gallery.
  19. J

    Curly ERC anyone ever seen any?

    You guys ever seen curly eastern red cedar? Man it's awesome looking 8-O I've cut up alot of ERC since I got my WM, I ran across one with figured grain that had an old coke bottle in the log. But I was milling along slicing slabs and a happened to look at the log and there was a patch of curly...

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