1. J

    Corner cupboard update--hanging the doors

    Well it has been a long time and too much has gotten in the way, including the heat in the shop. I am winding down on the bottom of the corner cupboard. Finished trimming the doors this morning and hung the hinges. This is the test fitting. I need to remove everything for finishing, so I am...
  2. J

    Corner cupboard update--popping the eyes

    The corner cubboard bottom doors have been sitting around for a few weeks. They are stable and it is time for more fun. Now I need to pop the eyes in the birdseye maple. Need to gather some supplies: boiled linseed oil (BLO), turps, sour cream container, old sock, box lids. Here is where I move...
  3. J

    Corner cupboard--door #2 dry fitted

    Another hour in the shop means a chance to trim panel #2 and dry fit it in the door. The LN #62 plane did a masterful job at raising the panel and also trimming all the sides to fit. Now both doors are dry fitted. Here is the money shot of them in place. Next job is to put finish on the...
  4. J

    Corner cupboard--door panel raising

    To recap, the project is a walnut corner cupboard. I am working on the bottom which has two doors with birdseye maple panels. Panels were split and bookmatched. Now it is time to bevel the edges so they will fit and float in the door grooves. I tried out several planes, but the LN #62 worked the...
  5. J

    Corner cupboard--backboards

    Well I cut the door panels to rough size and put them aside for later. Now is time to tackle the backboards. Since I hate seeing plywood in case goods, I take a little time to make something handcrafted. Usually starts with furring strips that have been split. In this case, the strips were 4"...
  6. J

    Corner cupboard--door panel scraping

    The birdseye panels were a little rough from their trip through the bandsaw. Since birdseye is prone to tearout, I am scraping them smoothe. This is why you need a LN #112 scraper plane. Of course, sometimes you need to scrape just a little bit. Here is where his little brother, the LN #212...
  7. J

    Corner Cupboard progress--door panels

    I thought that birdseye maple door panels would add some bling to the walnut cabinet and keep it from looking so dark. The maple boards have had about a month to adjust to the shop, so I split them this morning. For you hand tool users, I used a bandsaw, but could have used a frame saw. Bandsaw...
  8. J

    Corner cupboard progress--bottom doors

    It took two weekends to pare and plane the 8 tenons to fit the 8 mortices. They are all done now. Tight, but not too tight. Next operation is split the birdseye maple and make some bookmatched panels for the doors. Then I will start on the back. I split some furring strips with the bandsaw...
  9. J

    Corner cupboard progress--bottom door

    I am making slow but sure progress on my corner cupboard. I am still working on the bottom cabinet; specifically, assembling the doors. I am trimming the tenons on the rail pieces to fit into the mortices on the stiles. I just raise the bench dogs about 1/4" and clamp the rail between them while...
  10. J

    Corner cupboard progress--door tenons

    So I took one of my rare vacation days Friday to watch the ACC tourney. Then spent the rest of the weekend glued to the set watching the Tar Heels bring another championship home.:cool: Also snuck in some woodworking between games. Made the grooves thru grooves on both rails and stiles. Then I...
  11. J

    Corner cupboard progress--bottom doors

    My day job is pretty stressful and this project is how I relax. It is more of a journey than a destination. Sorry for the slow progress--it may take another year to finish. This weekend's task was to cut up the rails and stiles for the doors. I was able to get all pieces cut out of some...
  12. J

    Corner Cupboard progress--door top rail

    This has been a good weekend for the corner cupboard. First I got the moulding applied the the foot build up. Next I installed the top door rail. This piece was an afterthought. The door frame just looked unfinished, so I added a rail. There is a rabbet on the back where it attaches to the top...
  13. J

    Corner cupboard progress--feet

    The walnut corner cupboard project is inching along--just the way I like it. This weekend I was able to install the foot buildup on each side along with a step up moulding on the front skirt. The drill--joint rough 5/4 wood with #7 and glue up. Use LN 40 1/2 to take off high spots. Use #7 to...
  14. J

    Corner cupboard glue blocks

    Got to work on the corner cupboard project a while today. I added some struts and glueblocks for strength.
  15. J

    Corner Cupboard Progress

    I love to see a project come together and thus had a great day in the shop! The wood was 5/4 rough NC walnut. After quite a bit of handplaning, I had enough pieces for a glue up. Here is the bottom of the cabinet. It needs glue blocks, stacked feet, moulding, and two paneled doors.
  16. DaveO

    Corner cabinet finished

    Well, I have finished my corner cabinet (set of drawers) for my parents (Christmas gift). It is constructed out of spalted quartersawn Beech (Fagus grandiflora) harvested by our beloved Jeff, and dried by Scott (butchered by me :lol:) The finish is blond shellac, which I am not 100% satisfied...
  17. L

    Instead of a 45 for a 90 corner

    I have seen 90 degree corners done on bands on a table that were not 45 cuts. The top piece would form the corner and the side piece would join at say a 22.5 degree. The joint would not be on the corner but down the side. I know I may not be describing this very good. Larry R. Tysinger
  18. Nativespec

    Corner Table

    Lacewood and Butternut Lots of wormholes and funky grain. David
  19. Corner Cabinet/Side Table

    Corner Cabinet/Side Table

    Custom fitting for the thermostat, air return and chair rail. Room was tight and wife complains about the small size, but I love how the grain just pops out at you-walnut is truly my favorite wood.
  20. L

    Need help with corner cabinet

    As I progress with my kitchen cabinets I have come across something that is giving me a difficult time. If someone will move my kitchen cabinets over to the post I would appreciate it. As you can see I have a set of pantry cabinets on the right followed by a wall cabinet and another cabinet...

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