1. Corner Cupboard

    Corner Cupboard

    Case is 3/4" Birch plywood White pine Faceand Paneled Doors. Inside is enamel statin finished Outside finish is homemade "antique pine" stain, and poly finish(satin)
  2. C

    Cabinet Door Corner Joint>> Mortise and Tenon???

    Cabinet door with .75 panel>>> 1st Question Would kind of corner joint would you recommend? 2nd Quesiton What Mortising machine would you recommend or have?
  3. S

    Corner Display Cabinet

    Finally got enough pictures to show that it did happen, but I appologize for the quality. They certainly aren't calendar quality. I think this is a case of the pictures being harder to get than the cabinet was to make!!! Cabinets are Birch ply and Popular. Face frames are made with lap...
  4. Corner Cupboard

    Corner Cupboard

    When we got married,we thought we would find a nice antique cupboard for our china. With 5 $100 bills in hand, off we went to Metrolina Expo, only to be sorely dissapointed. With some discussion, the new Mrs. agreed to let me buy a table saw and try my best. As you can see, it was a big...
  5. S

    Corner display (curio) cabinet plans

    DIL has asked me to build a corner display cabinet to show off some antique china and glassware of her grandmothers. I have a basic idea of what I want to build. She wants a mirrored back and glass sides with glass shelves. My main problem is how to attach shelf supports and still have the...
  6. mshel

    Corner cupboard

    Well, I revisited my clients house to measure up for a handkerchief table and retook some photos of the corner cupboard I made her. Be kind, the pics still didn't turn out great but you will get the general idea. This shot shows the broken pediment and the rosettes I turned for it...
  7. ozzymanii

    Good Corner Clamp.

    For the past few weeks I have been making frames in my shop. Specficly, 2' x 4' frames out of 3/4 x 1 1/2 inch boards cut down from 2x4's. These frames get filled with either chicken wire or hardware cloth for a variety of purposes, (chicken house, rabbit hutch, potting table, etc). I need to...
  8. mshel

    Hanging a corner cupboard.....

    getting ready to start on a hanging corner cupboard out of mahogany and am curious as to how others mount these to the walls. I am thinking about incorporating dual French cleats into the design so that it will be anchored from both sides. If I do this, the cabinet cleats will have to be inset...
  9. gator

    Hanging A Wall hung Corner Shelf?

    How do you hang a wall hung corner shelf. I don't want to use the two loops, one on the top of each side, but want something hidden. I want the shelf to be flush to the walls on either side, something like when you use a keyhole bit. With a keyhole bit, one side goes over the screw head but...

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