1. Corner chair progress

    Corner chair progress

  2. Corner chair progress

    Corner chair progress

  3. leg volutes

    leg volutes

    Right side leg spiral decoration. This is about ready to go--or as good as I can get it at this stage.
  4. leg volutes

    leg volutes

    Front leg decorative spirals. This one still needs a little refining to get the bumps down a little lower.
  5. first_assembly


    first assembly
  6. construction progress

    construction progress

    Leg billets for the drop leaf table have been jointed, squared and stickered to rest before final sizing. The leg pattern sits on top of one of the billets. They were dried within 1/4 inch of the billet size needed so I don\'t expect much change.
  7. construction progress

    construction progress

    Couple of sequential walnut boards for dropleaf table project 4/4 x13x 10\'6"
  8. Corner Cupboard

    Corner Cupboard

    A little aggressive for a first project, but ti turned out great. Wish I had built it in two pieces though! It's actually pine with many coats of cherry gel and urethane
  9. ScottM

    Corner clamps or jigs

    I am building a few frames and shadow boxed some of my scroll saw projects. I have a few of the Bessey 90 degree clamps but I am not super happy with them. What clamps and or jigs are you all using?
  10. Corner utility cabinet

    Corner utility cabinet

  11. manfre

    Metal Corner Guards and Rain Diverters

    For my newly created shop, I need a rain diverter to go over the door because I cannot install gutters. I've also been trying to find an angled piece of weather proof metal (aluminum, diamon plate or stainless) to protect the edge of the plywood in the 5' door ways. The most likely thing to work...
  12. TracyP

    A new thread leader is just around the corner

    The most replied to thread leader that is. This thread is single digits away from being the most replied to thread ever on North Carolina Woodworker. The current leader is Monty's Workbench thread.
  13. Corner Cabinet

    Corner Cabinet

    Corner Cabinet
  14. S

    50% Off 90 Degree Angle / Corner Clamp Package Peachtree

    E-Direct Special ED-011910 Phone Orders 1-888-512-9069 Tech Support : Customer Service 50% Off 90 Degree Angle / Corner Clamp Package This 4 Pack of our 90˚Angle clamps features the power flex handle, which allows you to pull the handle out and rotate it to apply extra holding power...
  15. New York corner chair

    New York corner chair

    Copy of a chair in the Garvin Collection
  16. Perquimans County corner cupboard

    Perquimans County corner cupboard

  17. Perquimans County corner cupboard

    Perquimans County corner cupboard

  18. R

    Peachtree corner clamp I'm not sure, but this one looks like a dead ringer for the Bessey 90 degree corner clamp, though the speecial refers to it as a Craftsman?
  19. Mike Davis

    In the naughty corner

    I think this is the third time I've written some kind of introduction here, I guess they were in the wrong section. Many of you watched as I built my little shop over the course of two years in 2005 and 2006, it was at one time called the "World's slowest video". I don't know if I still have...
  20. WoodWrangler

    Corner Cabinet Hinge HELP!

    The cabinets in my kitchen are face frame and I am using full overlay euro-style hinges. The issue I ran into was with the corner cabinets. It has a "special" door that is a right angle. The hinges I have didn't exactly work .... because the door couldn't close without the point of the...

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