1. Sam Knight

    Workshop suggestion

    I believe Santa is bringing me some carving knives for Christmas. Yea! Was hoping someone would like to set up some carving classes in the near future. I'm interested in spoon, chip and relief carving. Any others interested in some carving classes?
  2. D

    Chip separator

    As a lot a people are right now, I am building a dust collection system for my shop. It consists of a 5-hp grizzly dust collector. Today, I set out to build a chip separator for my planer. I had heard that the Thein separator was a good one to try to model, so I went online and found pictures of...
  3. Rhythm House Drums

    Chip Carving Patterns on a Larger Scale

    No sure if this has a name other than carving... :) But I'm trying to learn some techniques for doing larger designs in hardwoods. The closest I've seen to what I have in mind is chip carving, but what I'm wanting to do is too deep and large, and in hardwoods, so chip carving isn't...
  4. PChristy

    Chip in my frame(update w/ pix

    If this was wood I would know how to fix it and I know I should have went with wood but she wanted a black frame - I am guessing that this is made out of some kind of plastic - any of you have any ideas on how to fix this - I already have the picture in and sealed on the back and I would hate to...
  5. Mark Stewart

    Gonna try chip carvin

    Hi all I thought I might give chip carving a try. If I keep trying ths wood working stuff a try Im gonna find sommin I cand do real good. So I went yesterday an got me self a carving Jach and a hunk of bass wood and a book on wood spirits. Any advise for a newbie or websites to see please...
  6. Mike Davis

    Chip and "noodle" collection?

    Do you have good waste collection on your lathe? Does it work? Show pics PLEASE! Not that I am concerned with it myself, I let the noodles fly. But someone else asked and raised my curiosity.
  7. R

    Happy Birthday, Chip

    Chip, Here's hoping you have a good one.
  8. CarvedTones

    Will it harm a ShopVac to use it as a passive chip collector?

    I have a new fairly quiet but fairly small ShopVac and an old large screamer. The old one works as a blower as well, and the output is a standard 2" hose connection just like the input. So it occurs to me that I could daisy chain it to the new one and use it as a big chip collector. I would...
  9. G

    Chip Carving

    I have been reading a little about chip carving and wonder if anyone out there is involved with this type of carving? any guideance on where to look for info besides youtube videos.
  10. mihunt

    Chip off the old block

    Hello all. i found this site while doing an online search. i'm in the process of getting back into woodworking as a hobby. I've had woodworking experiance in the past working (as slave labor and for hire) for my dad who owned a custom cabinet shop in TN. I'm slowly getting a few tools together...
  11. JohnW

    Padauk Poker Chip Box Finished

    Pics of poker chip box given to son this Christmas. Padauk sides, QT Sycamore top, inlay band with red oak keys and chip tray. This box is approx 16" x 10" x 3" inside dimension, holds 400 composite weighted chips and is HEAVY. The keys, feet and morticed brass "L" brackets were needed for...
  12. rcflyer23

    1st Chip Carving Attempt

    Well I couldn't stand it having missed the last two carving sessions so I just broke down and bought a couple of flexcut knifes and gave it a whirl tonight. I bought a book on it but figured I would give it a shot before reading anything so I could do everything wrong and then read how to do it...
  13. Badabing

    Latest Pen: Suffering from chip out

    I wanted to show off this beautiful wood and maybe get some advice on turning burl too... A friend at work ordered a pen from me and wanted a really nice burl wood. I made her an American Classic with Amboyna Burl. The pen turned out really beautiful except for two tiny chip outs in the...
  14. sapwood

    Happy Birthday Chip!

    Hope you have a great birthday! Sorry about having to share the hubris of New Year. :occasion1 Roger
  15. chris99z71

    Chip's mini-lathe for sale posting

    Chip emailed me asking why his lathe was moved to the "member's offerings" forum. As he says "I didn't make it!". There was a re-direct where it was moved out of "found for sale". No harm done, I moved it to member buy/sell. He was just curious as to how it got moved. I told him that I was sure...
  16. SteveColes

    Happy Birthday mindust, Chip, dancingcat, bearlan

    Happy Birthday mindust, Chip, dancingcat, bearlan. In the excitment of the new year, I almost didn't do my birthday duties. So, Happy birthday to you all.

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