1. N

    12 Baltic Birch drawers

    BID ENDED 1/18/2009 So here are some drawers that I need to complete a recent project. I have bought 20+ drawers from UDB in the past but they are quite expensive when you have to add another bunch for shipping. My opinion of the UDB drawers are that they look good, are solid, and quite...
  2. C

    4/4, 8/4 Flaming Birch, 8/4 FAS 10 and wider Walnut

    Hey guys, Among other things, we just got in some Flaming Birch, Birdseye Maple and 8/4 FAS 10" and wider Walnut! All kiln dried.... 4/4 Flaming Birch - $6.00/bf 8/4 Flaming Birch - $6.50/bf 8/4 FAS Walnut 10" and wider - $6.50/bf I posted some pics in the member gallery! Also, as...
  3. Flaming Birch

    Flaming Birch

    4/4 & 8/4 Flaming Birch
  4. Shaker Style Cabinet

    Shaker Style Cabinet

  5. PChristy

    1/4 Birch

    Anyone know where I can get some 1/4 Birch ply good both sides close to me in Lexington -
  6. S

    13 ply birch plywood 4 x 8 - $30 (Raleigh)

    Not mine! But I scored a sheet ! Nice Stuff Seller (David) now a newly minted member! 13 ply birch plywood 4 x 8 - $30 (Raleigh) Date: 2009-08-27, 2:03PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have a lot left, also selling cherry and maple...
  7. PChristy

    Ambrosia Birch??

    This is from the Birch that I got from my boss - I thought that he told me it was Ash but I asked him again today and he told me Birch - I believe that it has the Ambrosia beatle in it - not sure - the tree has been leaning over on a bank for 4-5 months and the sapwood is sort of dried out and I...
  8. J

    Need Birch limbs

    Hi guys, thought I would post here and see if I could get a positive response to me acquiring some birch limbs that maybe are just lying around or rescueing them from the woodpile before burning. I need birch limbs that are anywhere from 3 to say 6 inces in diameter and at least 6 inches long...
  9. Douglas Robinson

    Birch Plywood @ Lowes

    I have been known to complain about the plywood found at the BORG's. However, I found some baltic birch (and oak veneer) plywood at Lowe's in Wake Forest that looks good. I bought two 4' x 8' sheets. I'll let you know how it holds up as I cut it and use it. I am working on some new shop storage...
  10. N

    Prefinished birch plywood

    I got a good deal on some one side prefinished birch 3/4" 24"x96" (half sheets) and 1/4" full sheets. I have some extra and, would like to pass the savings on to site members, if anyone is interested. Looks like I will have about 20 of the 3/4" half sheets and 5 of the 1/4" full sheets. This...
  11. J

    Baltic birch

    I'm looking for Baltic Birch for making jigs. A 2' x 4' x 3/4" sheet was $45 at Woodcraft, is there anywhere else to buy it from that might have more reasonable prices ? TIA
  12. W

    Baltic Birch Plywood (BBP)

    I'm in Lewisville - right outside Winston-Salem - and was wondering if there was a supplier of BBP closer to me than driving to Gibsonville to visit the good folks @ the Hardwood Store? Sometimes driving those 50 miles (each way) just isn't feasible when I need a piece of BBP to build a jig or...
  13. flyrod444

    Large birch bowl

    Here is a birch burl bowl I turned this winter. It is the 2nd largest of 5, I cored out of the burl. It measeres around 15" in dia. by 7"+ high. It is turned thin for a bowl of it's size. It warped so bad drying that I had no choice but to make it thin to make it round again. It is very light in...
  14. flyrod444

    birch burl bowl

    Hi again, Here is a bowl that I turned out of a piece of birch burl that was located where a 350 lb burl was attached to the tree. Not knowing how nice the wood was this bowl was to be a platter. After turning into it just a bit my plan changed to try and show of the wood. If you look at the...
  15. J

    3/4" Birch Ply at HD in Apex

    Today I was in HD in Apex picking up the last of a twenty sheet order of birch plywood. What is labeled as C-3 (shop grade) looks better than some A-2 that I have seen in the past. Clear on one face, and only a couple of dark spots on the other. But beware of the stuff made in China. Bruce
  16. J

    5.2 MM "Birch" underlayment at Lowes

    Tuesday, I was in Lowes looking for birch plywood for some cabinet backs. They had 5.2 MM birch for about $20 a sheet. In the next rack was "luan" underlayment for $10.99 a sheet. It had birch veneer on both sides. Of course the back side was trash, but the front side was first class.
  17. sawduster

    birch ply

    Just to let everyone know, I went back and scored 200 more pieces of that birch ply 1' x 4' x 1/4" The wood is excellent quality and can't be beat for the price . PM me if you are interested
  18. Bigdog72

    Birch plywood

    Ok guys, I got all my tools set up so now the re-education starts!! Can y'all recommend a good source for birch ply (for shop cabinets) in the Raleigh/Fayettevllle area? Thanks in advance!
  19. WoodWrangler

    Russian Birch Plywood 18mm - $3 ???

    What is "Russian Birch Plywood" and is it any good? That is one heck of a price!
  20. johnpipe108

    Birch or Maple? And, ... ?

    We were given a donation of scrap wood from a furniture factory, mostly SPF, but I noticed some end grain on some of the pallet wood (I think that's what it is; has a shallow groove along one face) that looked like hardwood. I found 5 pieces that looked interesting. Two of the pieces turned out...

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