1. pslamp32

    Finishing Baltic Birch...

    I'm in the process of cutting down some Baltic birch ply for new tabletops in my restaurant. Would Zinsser's shellac sealer help with stain absorption if I stain them? The shellac would go on first I assume. Thanks!:-)
  2. alleng

    1/2 inch birch

    just wondering if anyone has any idea where one might be able to find 1/2'' birich plywood.all i can find at lowes or local builders supply is 1/4'' and 3/4''. i wish i cuold find it in 4x8 sheets localy,as i cant realy buy in bulk,just a sheet now and then.1/4'' is just too thin and 3/4'' will...
  3. alleng

    Mitering Birch Plywood

    I am cutting birch plywood and am getting a lot of splinters on the edges...just wondering which would make a cleaner cut...a miter saw or a table saw. I am cutting 45 degree angles to make a mitered corner on a box. Any suggestions, please?:eusa_thin
  4. Douglas Robinson

    Resources and prices for Baltic Birch plywood

    I was wondering what people have been paying for 3/4" 4'x8' Baltic Birch veneer plywood sheets, and where they have been purchasing it. Doug
  5. DavidF

    Birch ply, maple edge

    This is mainly for Travis Porte, but thought others may be interested. Travis was thinking about edging Birch ply with solid wood, but was concerned about it showing too obviously. These are pictures of a piece with Birch Ply shelves with hard maple edging and a black walnut inlay, I think the...
  6. R

    Baltic Birch

    What is the difference in regular baltic birch and BBB baltic birch?:eusa_thin
  7. B

    A box in Masur Birch...

    A while back I posted a hollow form that a friend of mine turned for me as a birthday gift. It is beautiful. Since then I have been itching to turn a piece of this wood into a box. I finally had the guts to do that and this is what I came up with. This box is a little under 2 3/4" in diameter...

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