1. N

    Birch for Adirondack furniture? plus some walnut, spalted maple/oak, ironwood...

    Hi, let's start by saying I know nothing about woodworking but sure do love looking at what you all create! I have an acre lot here in Raleigh (Swift Creek area) and a NCSU/USFS forester has been helping me taking down leaners and thin the woods. So I have a lot of "sticks", some logs (most...
  2. scsmith42

    FREE river birch turning blanks

    A birch log landed in my wood yard today, and it's not something that I can use for my farm. It's freshly logged (earlier today), and around 9" in diameter, and around 12' long. If any local woodturners would like to cut some pieces off of it for turning blanks, you're welcome to. Please...
  3. Scott Kuykendall

    How to Prep some Birch Wood

    The guy next door had a Birch tree cut down so I grabbed some of the biggest Dia. stuff there was. Its from 9" to 7" around and cut to 3 feet long. I am just starting out turning and have done some pens and Bottle Stoppers on my Rickon Mini. I sealed the ends with Anchor Seal right after they...
  4. T

    Is this birch good for lumber?

    I have a number of trees of my property that I hope to one day timber into useful wood. For right now I am interested in birch. Previously I have felled and attempted to lumber (by hand) one of my medium sized (aprox. 7-8 inch Diameter) birches only to find that it had more knots in it than my...
  5. MarkE

    Running out of Birch Plywood

    Well folks, I am going to have to stop taking orders for the birch plywood. I am compiling a list of all the orders left for local pickup and for pick up at the picnic and we are very close to done. Here is what I have so far. If I left anyone out, I apologize. Please post here so I can make...
  6. MarkE

    More Birch plywood @ Northern Tool in Cary

    Sorry to keep making new threads about this stuff, but, what can you do? For anyone interested, Chris(Merrill77) and I are going to meet up at the Northern Tool parking lot today at ~3:30. I will bring a load of the birch plywood with me for anyone that wants some. If you do want some and...
  7. MarkE

    Does anyone else want to get in on the Birch Plywood deal?

    We had a good group make the trip to Northern Tool this morning for some birch plywood sheetlets (I really like that word, Bas). Unfortunately I was not able to bring enough for everyone that wanted showed up. I wanted to see if there is any interest in doing another local run. I am a little...
  8. MarkE

    Anyone that wants some of the Birch Plywood

    In reference to this thread. I am going to meet with Bas tomorrow(4/16) at 10:30 am at the Northern Tool plaza in Cary. South Hills Mall & Plaza 1297-A Buck Jones Road Cary, NC 27606 I will bring ~300-350 'sheetlets' of the birch...
  9. Birch Plywood

    Birch Plywood

    Birch Plywood
  10. Birch Plywood

    Birch Plywood

    Birch Plywood
  11. Birch Plywood

    Birch Plywood

    Birch Plywood
  12. Bas

    Cabinet Grade Russian Birch Plywood - $550 (Garner) 1,000 pieces 12" x 60" - 1/4 thickness I have a truckload of beautiful cabinet wood for sale in Garner. I paid a whole lot more for it than I am asking now but I need to clear it out of the garage. Buy it all for $550 or by the piece for...
  13. MrAudio815

    Is Elm & Birch a Good Turning Wood?

    Hello NCWW's, I heard the Dump where I live gets some good logs every once and a while, so I went to take a look. I got 11 half logs aproximatly 18+inches for most of them and 14" for the smaller birh logs. I just wanted to know if this is good turning wood? By the way since I had so...
  14. R

    Gluing Birch Plywood

    Making a bookcase with 1 inch sides and shelves by gluing ½ inch birch ply together to make 1 inch. This will be done after rough cutting to size. 1 inch edges will have ½ round trim to finish. Case will be painted. Is there a problem gluing the cut sheets together? What glue will be best...
  15. J

    1/2" Birch Plywood

    Some of the HD stores are now stocking either, or both birch and red oak 1/2" ply, in addition to the 3/4" stuff. Priced at about $42 for a 4 X 8 sheet. This is NOT baltic birch, but regular birch plywood made by Columbia Forest Products in Old Fort NC. I bought a sheet today to build a shaker...
  16. J

    Baltic Birch vs. Domestic Birch Ply

    What's the difference? Why is baltic typically 5' x 5' vs. domestic ply at 4' x 8'? Why would you choose one over the other for basic cabinet construction? :help: My daughter would like a project table similar to this one (she likes the glass top)...
  17. P

    red birch ply

    anybody have any place where i could get 3/4 red birch ply cheap, almost a 100 bucks from most places around here. will buy a unit if it is a good price.
  18. L

    Birch table finish

    I have built a small birch dining table that I tried a dark gel stain and it bolched bad. I have not done the top and was thinking I need to coat it with a one pound shellac to help with the bolching. I also thought about going back over the legs and aprons with a dye to cover the bolches...
  19. L

    GSO CL: prefinished plywood, baltic birch

    Not me, yada yada... seemed like a good price on prefinished plywood but rather thick
  20. CarvedTones

    pear, birch and maple to be cut down in Cary/Apex

    It's a CL ad for free stuff. Someone taking trees down Feb 6th/7th. I don't have a gas chain saw, so I can't really call and offer to do much. But I may be able to come help if someone in interested. If you can do it, I would urge a quick...

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