1. jglord

    20% off Jet & Powermatic at Woodcraft

    We have just learned that Jet and Powermatic tools will be discounted 20%. Yes this is correct! It has never happened before and probably won't happen again. The details: the sale is May 15 and 16, as in past power tool sales we can pre-sell, so you do not need to wait until 5/15, 16. One...
  2. T

    Woodcraft Magazine, 1 yr $4.94, 2 yrs $9.09

    BestDealMagazines has Woodcraft Magazine for $5.95 for a one year subscription, and $10.95 for a two year subscription. Apply code VALUE17 for 17% off those prices, making it $4.94 for one year and $9.09 for two years. Disclaimer: I have never used BestDealMagazines before, so i can't vouch...
  3. T

    Woodcraft Free Shipping

    Woodcraft is offering free shipping until 4/16 (not including excess weight items). A few things that may be of interest: 3 piece dovetail router bit set for $5.29 (discussed before here). Router bushing set for $19.99. The nice thing about these bushings is that they are only 0.24" long...
  4. MrAudio815

    Any WoodCraft Coupons/Codes?

    Hey Everyone,:eusa_clap I got some Birthday money from the mom in law :banana: and am going to buy the woodriver chuck :icon_cheers from woodcraft since they are having free shipping over $75. :banana: Just wondered if anyone had any codes for 10% off or Whatever? :eusa_pray Oh Does...
  5. P Crews

    Trip to Woodcraft

    I got to take a trip to the Nashville, TN Woodcraft store Wednesday. I was rather excited that I was finally making the trip to the store. It's about an hour away and I got to visit the yarn store first with my wife to support her habit. In turn she went to the woodcraft store with me to...
  6. WoodWrangler

    Opinions Wanted on Pfeil Woodcraft 80th Anniversary Carving Set

    Are these as good as the normal Pfeil chisels? And is this a good price? http://www.woodcraft.com/product.aspx?ProductID=148598&FamilyID=21040 I have never carved, but would like to have the means to do it should I want.
  7. Makinsawdust

    Woodcraft Bessey Deal

    Here's a good deal on (4) 40" Bessey K-body clamps. http://www.woodcraft.com/product.aspx?ProductID=03W67K&FamilyID=315
  8. gesiak

    Woodcraft Tool Rest

    It's been several weeks since I last posted. I have turned a few more pens but in doing so determined I need to get a smaller tool rest for my Craftsman 217170 lathe just cant get the 12" rest close enough so I am considering the Woodcraft tool rest...
  9. flatheadfisher

    Greensboro Woodcraft Store

    I am going to the Woodcraft store in Greensboro tomorrow they have advertised some deals on Forstner Bits and Countersinks. I haven't been to that store before - I didn't even know it was there. I wish I had known and I wouldn't have driven all the way to Graham last Saturday only to find that...
  10. rcflyer23

    Spring for Woodcraft Navigator

    I just turned a Navigator Rollerball tonight and while I was putting it together realized that it was missing the spring to put tension on the rollerball refill. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement spring for it without having to buy another kit and still be down a spring?
  11. sawduster

    Woodcraft scroll saw

    If any of you have even thought about buying a new scroll saw , Woodcraft has a Dewalt 788 with light and stand for $489 . That is the best deal I have seen on a new one in a long time :icon_thum

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