20% off Jet & Powermatic at Woodcraft

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We have just learned that Jet and Powermatic tools will be discounted 20%.
Yes this is correct! It has never happened before and probably won't happen again.

The details: the sale is May 15 and 16, as in past power tool sales we can pre-sell, so you do not need to wait until 5/15, 16.

One absolute, no sales can be made after the sixteenth. Items not in stock is can be ordered, but must be paid for by the close of business on May 16.

]This sale is going on at all Woodcraft stores. So, as they say, come on down!
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Guy Belleman
Good deal???

How does that compare with some of the other dealers of Jet & Powermatic?

I am looking at getting an 8" jointer (helix or shelix cutterhead) and a tablesaw in the next two months. Wonder if this sale might be just the purchase ticket.

I was looking at the Grizzly Jointer G0490X for $1195 with free shipping, but the JJ-8HH at $1699.99 (Woodcraft price minus 20% is $1359.99) might be a comparable contender. The Grizzly still has a built in mobile base and parallelogram beds.

I was looking at the Grizzly Tablesaw G0690 for $1250 plus freight ($1359.99), but the Xacta at $1999.99 (Woodcraft price minus 20% is $1699.99) is a larger difference.

Seems like I might still be getting the Grizzly models unless I can find a much better deal somewhere. I have been very happy with my past, and current Grizzly tools. Anyone have a great ideas for getting great tools at bargain rates?
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