1. T

    30% Off select bandsaw accessories at Woodcraft

    For those that recently got either the Delta 28-276 or the Ridgid BS1400 this is pretty good because they have the cool blocks and urethane tires on sale as well as the tension spring and Kreg Fence with the 7 inch riser for resawing, If your order is over $75.00 shipping is free so unless...
  2. blazeman45

    3" Casters @ Woodcraft

    I was just at the Woodcraft in Greensboro... They have 3" locking swivel casters for $9.99 and 3" Fixed for $6.99. These are the ones with polyurethane tires rated for 300#. They were in bin marked managers special!! Once again, I spent money that I did not need to but who passes on a good...
  3. O

    Woodcraft 15% Off Bag Sale?

    Does anyone know when Woodcraft is having their 15% Off - Bag Sale? I remember that it was sometime this year (and another one is Oct-ish time).
  4. mkepke

    $99 Makita 14.4V Impact Driver @ Woodcraft

    Free shipping today too. http://www.woodcraft.com/Product/2021057/24084/Makita-144V-Cordless-Impact.aspx Unfortunately the free ship doesn't stack with the $10 off coupon in the recent mailer. -Mark
  5. rcflyer23

    A new Fountain Pen

    Well, WC sent me a new Cambridge Hybrid after I mentioned the poor quality of the one I currently have. I have to say just looking at the kit this one seems to have better platting and fit much tighter than the first one. I am very thankful to WC for sending this one out. I feel much better...
  6. CarvedTones

    More free shipping and a big clearance at WoodCraft

    If you go to the site, they will have a banner for free shipping if you spend $75 or more, but if you use code 11525 instead, there is no lower limit. Plus there are a lot of clearance items. I just ordered a Phiel carving knife and a slipstone on clearance (stealth gloat) that would normally...
  7. R

    Juried Craft Show - Flat Rock

    Flat Rock Playhouse Craft Show: Submit your application for a juried show at The Flat Rock Playhouse. The Flat Rock Playhouse and Inspired Arts Fine Craft Guild are inviting craft artists to submit applications for the Flat Rock Playhouse Craft Show. Application deadline: Jan. 30 Show dates...
  8. C

    Jet Speed Clamps - Woodcraft

    Woodcraft has these clamps 50% off. http://www.woodcraft.com/Family/2080393/Jet-Speed-Clamps.aspx I was thinking about swinging by and picking up some of these. Does anyone have any of these? They look to be well built. Chris
  9. Bas

    Woodcraft common sense

    Thanks to someone who shall remain nameless (that'd be Tommy) I ordered the Kreg bench clamp from Woodcraft, using the $10 off/ free shipping code. Of course, I needed a filler, and someone suggested the $5 tenon saw. The clamp is great, but the saw left a little to be desired. Apart from being...
  10. Ken Massingale

    Woodcraft Free Shipping Oct. 21-24

    Like the title says :icon_cheers
  11. H

    Woodcraft Bag Sale - Saturday • Oct 10

    Woodcraft is having a 15% Off Bag Sale on Saturday, October 10 9:00AM - 6:00PM. Everything that fits in a bag will be 15% Off. (Except the usual exclusions... Powertools, Festool, Leigh Jigs.) However, things like Bessey clamps, dust collector hoses, vises WILL fit in the bag. Early risers...
  12. WoodWrangler

    Woodcraft's "Cash for Clunker" Tablesaw Deal

    The Charlotte and Raleigh Woodcraft stores are taking the "cash for clunker" concept and offering something similar to US! Here's how it will work ... If you bring in any table saw to trade in, it’s good for $400 off a new Unisaw. The Unisaw is going up in price on November 1st so it equates...
  13. WoodWrangler

    Sat, Oct 10 - Charlotte Breakfast & Woodcraft Sale

    This Saturday (Oct 10, 2009) Woodcraft in Matthews is having their "bag" sale with 15% off anything you can put in the bag. I'm outta money, but still plan to attend with my buddies Discover and Mastercard.:gar-La; So... I was thinking it might be a good time to get the local crew together for...
  14. S

    Free Sharpening Demo @ Raleigh Woodcraft

    http://www.woodcraft.com/enewsletter/RetailLetter.aspx?refcode=09IN08RL Saturday, August 8 @ 1 pm
  15. gdoebs

    10%-15% off at Woodcraft stores

    If you're near one 10%-15% off everything (except the usual power tools, Festool, Sawstop etc). Plus they have a deal for $5.99 you can get a year subscription to there magazine! plus they gave me another flyer with a $15 off a $50 purchase!
  16. T

    Woodcraft Free Shipping

    Woodcraft is currently offering free shipping through July 23. Check their clearance section for some deals. Some that i thought looked interesting: Children's toolset for $4.99 - real tools, just smaller for kids. Kreg large face clamp for $12.99. Kreg bench klamp with mini jig for $19.99...
  17. T

    Woodcraft Drum Sanding Kit $10.69 + tax

    Woodcraft has their Drum Sanding kit marked clearanced to $20.69. Use the $10 off $20 fathers day coupon and get it for $10.69.:gar-Bi
  18. T

    Freud FT2200E $119 at woodcraft

    While supplies last Woodcraft has the FT2200E on sale for $129, use the Fathers day sale coupon located on their website under Sale ,s Flyer and get a great 3 1/4 H.P. Router for $119:gar-Bi
  19. adowden

    Coupon code for Woodcraft - 63009 $10 off

    I just ordered from Woodcraft online and tried the coupon code in the latest mailing (63009) for $10 off a $20 or more purchase and it worked! Yippee! At least it paid for most of the shipping. The expiration date is 6/28/09. Happy shopping! Amy

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