1. timf67

    Turned a Vase for my Valentine!

    I had fun turning my first vase yesterday. It has a glass bud vase inside so that it can hold water. The wood is maple that i found on a trash pile at one of my vendors! I saw it and asked if I could have it, and he said that he had planned on burning it :swoon: but he let me have it anyway...
  2. PChristy

    Has anyone turned a Guardian pen

    or one like it from another source http://pennstateind.com/store/PKGDPEN.html - If you have could you tell me the final diameter of the finished pen. A lady bought one of my Gatsby's and it is to small for her grip - something is wrong with her hand and she needs a bigger grip pen and I was...
  3. manfre

    Turned some rings

    I burned a little bit of vacation time today to check on my bees and play in the workshop. The shop still is not wired, so I had the DC and lights on one 15 amp house circuit and the lathe on another. Good thing I didn't rewire the DC to 220v yet. I'm still quite new to turning and wanted to...
  4. hickory bowl - rough turned

    hickory bowl - rough turned

    hickory bowl - rough turned
  5. hickory bowl - rough turned

    hickory bowl - rough turned

    hickory bowl - rough turned
  6. dpsnyder

    latest project - turned mallet

    Over at Hillsborough Orange Woodworkers we have been honing our turning skills. Thought I share my project: a turned mallet with a celtic (sort of) cross in handle and decorative scallops. The handle is walnut with oak cross and ambrosia maple mallet with mahogony decorative scallops...
  7. candy


  8. candy


  9. candy


  10. T

    My youngest turned 3 (fun youtube video)

    Lydia just loved her new Dora guitar. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKUzfckOqOg
  11. timf67

    Something you don't see Turned every day...

    I had fun with this one! I am going out to Missouri to visit my Dad at his lake house on Lake of the Ozarks next week and I wanted to make one of these to try it out: It is a kit from Penn State Ind. The instructions suggested using varnish for a finish, but I put a coat of clear...
  12. First Stopper # 2

    First Stopper # 2

    Corian Bottle Stopper
  13. First Stopper

    First Stopper

    Corian Bottle Stopper
  14. DavidF

    Some fun stuff turned over the weekend

    Here are a couple of projects turned from a splated holly log that Roger (sapwood) gave me at last years picnic. The toothpick dispenser was a fun project and works well. It is about 4 1/2" tall by about 2 3/4" max dia. Finish is a friction polish. The bowl is about 7" dia and about 5" tall...
  15. Christmas Turnings

    Christmas Turnings

    Turned boxes, etc.
  16. erasmussen

    latest project wip (not turned)

    This is my latest project, something for xmas. Walnut and cherry coffee mill. A couple of WIP pictures the drawer knob was still on the lathe when I took the first picture. second one with the knob, still got to waxit up. Thanks for looking
  17. PChristy

    Has anyone ever made this

    I have been thinking about making this for my MIL for Christmas and I am not sure if I can do it:nah:
  18. Magnolia Bowl w/Turned Fruit

    Magnolia Bowl w/Turned Fruit

  19. timf67

    Dye recommendations for turned boxwood

    Okay, so I have my small boxwood turning blanks drying and should be ready to turn them in a week or so. I noticed that the boxwood has a light chartreuse color (:tongue2:) which isn't all that applealing to me. I would like to color the wood since it will be for pen and stopper blanks so I am...
  20. NCTurner

    10 Yr Old Log turned bowl

    This bowl is turned from a small B. WAlnut log that was laying behind Don P's shop. It started as a nasty looking log it was so bad that the sapwood was completely rotted away, and full of ants. but with a little persuasion I was able to find tthis inside. 7"x1 3/4" sanded to 2500 finished with...

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