1. W

    Tabletop Endgrain Butcher Block Specs

    I have been considering a butcher block as my next project. I would love to create a butcher block island, but I think that project is a little on the advanced side for my experience. So I am opting to test my skills on a table top block as a possible gift. I have a few questions I am hoping...
  2. Kids_Boot_Bench_001_3_


  3. Kids_Boot_Bench_001_2_


  4. Kids_Boot_Bench_001_1_


  5. Flute Maker

    Skew Size and Brand Recommendation

    I am thinking about picking up a regular skew for spindle/flute work. I saw the video by John Lucas on Woodturners Resource last night and it helped me a lot....I was wondering what size to get first. I have an oval skew already but wanted to try a regular one like John used in the video. I...
  6. reprosser

    How to figure header size for double door

    I am building a finishing room in my shop, and I need to install a 60" double door. I checked around on the web, but it seems to be real complicated to determine the size of the header. I plan to store stuff (not lumber) overhead, but it will not be a 2nd floor - just storage. I figure a 2x12...
  7. Tarhead

    New "Super" Size Domino

    Not available in North America yet. Here's a tease:
  8. W

    lathe spindle size

    I recently bought an old atlas/craftsman lathe. I am trying to find a chuck for it and I have measured the spindle which is 1" with 9 tpi. Have any of you heard of this size? I can't find a chuck that size. Or did I count threads wrong. I have found a ton of 1" with 8 tpi. I am away from...
  9. Glennbear

    Pen Blank Size ?

    Question for all the pen turners here. I have yet to fire up my lathes but in anticipation of doing so in the not too distant future I would like to know the minimum size for pen blanks. I have large quantities of boards in various species but the wood I have is closer to 5/8" than 3/4". Thanks...
  10. Y

    King size Cherry bed

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery Took some pics of our bed I finished last fall, thought I would share with you guys. View image in gallery
  11. drw

    Odd Size Dado?

    The plans for my current project call for boards (red oak) to be dimensioned to 1" thickness. However, in order to get flat boards I had to mill the rough-cut lumber to a dimension slightly less that 1", specifically 3/32". In the big scheme of things this shouldn't be too much of a problem...
  12. Len

    Joiners Mallet Size Suggestions

    Now that I finally have a set of real mortise chisels, I find the old round head wooden hammer I've had for years is a bit on the light side. I liked the feel of the German/English pattern "Joiners Mallets" we used in Roy's dovetail class but, thinking it was a 'one size fits all' type mallet...
  13. sbarnhardt

    What do you use to cut plywood/etc to size?

    Good Morning! I hope everyone had enough turkey yesterday. I know I did and slept it off in the recliner last night. But that's not my reason for this posting. I'm learning to scroll saw, or is it scrollsaw, and have a question about something I need/want to get under control. I buy...
  14. CatButler

    Box making and stock size

    I want to start making storage boxes to practice making dovetails. I'm taking about smallish boxes with no side being longer than say 10". 3/4" looks to thick, 1/2 I think would be about right. Is there any good rule of thumb on the right thickness of stock to use for the size of the box?
  15. crokett

    Air Tank Size

    HF has a 5 gallon portable air tank for 20 bucks. I am looking for something for small jobs - inflating tires, small nailing jobs, etc that can be cordless and that my wife can use. This might be asking a how deep is a hole type question, but is 5 gallons practical? It would be for the...
  16. kooshball

    What size rabbet is sufficient for the sides of my bed??

    I am working on the side rails for my walnut bed and would like some advice on the best way to glue up this part of the project. I have attached a very crude sketch of the side rail to show my plan (based on the fact that I already have two very nice 6" wide boards planed down to 3/4"...
  17. Mt. Gomer

    Stock Size for Picnic Table

    I'm planning on building the Trestle Picnic Table from Plans Now for the wife this summer. I was looking for something with moveable benches that was scaled down a bit for our smaller deck (this is 34x72). This fit the bill and my wife likes the look so I think we're a go. I'll be using...
  18. BKind2Anmls

    Dust Collection Pipe Size

    I have quite a bit of 4" PVC pipe and fittings. In my current shop, I attempted to use it to set up a dust collection system but had little success. In my new shop I would like to collect dust efficiently and all that I have read from books and dedicated sights and heard from the forums is...
  19. tjgreen

    Router table size

    Looking for recommendations on a good table size. Industry standard looks like 24"x32", I can go up to 24"x40", because that's the size of the melamine sheets I had lying around the shop. Opinions?
  20. TheLazyC

    Mandrel Size

    I have a Delta 1440 Iron Bed Lathe and need to order a mandrel so I can start turning pens. I do not know what size to get the 1 MT or the 2 MT.

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