1. J

    New Laguna 12" Jointer - Motor to be installed in California

    Hi everyone, I just purchased a Laguna 5HP 12" jointer and am being told it will ship after they install the motor in California. That seems a bit odd, is that normal? I am a little worried they will ship a unit that has previously been returned. Has anyone been in this situation or ordered...
  2. T

    Hitachi 2 1/4 H.P.Router $100.11 shipped, enter code TT100110 into the code box to get 20% off. Better hurry goin fast,Tommyt(vicariously spendin your money without bein there:):rotflm:
  3. T

    DeWalt Cordless tracksaw + 2 batteries $245.50 shipped
  4. T

    Ridgid Pro Jigsaw $81+ shipped*n&orderId=110498630&amtLeftForFreeShip=174.50&catalogId=10053&checkItems=false&isOrderQualifiesForFreeShip=false&isOrderPrevQualifiesForFreeShip=false&l...
  5. T

    Refurb. R 4511 $480 shipped
  6. Mt. Gomer

    Porter-Cable 43510PC Drawer Lock Router Bit 12.99 shipped

    Deal is for today (Monday)...
  7. merrill77

    PC Tongue & Groove router bit $13 shipped

    Porter Cable 43499PC 1/4 inch Tongue & Groove Assembly Router Bit I've never used any PC router bits - any good?
  8. mkepke

    Recon Makita hammer drill $45 shipped Mine should be delivered today :) -Mark
  9. woodworker2000

    HTC Portable Miter Saw Stand $49 Shipped

    HTC has their PM6000 miter saw stand on clearance for $49 shipped ($40 + $9 shipping). It is the same miter saw stand sold at Sears for $180 (+ tax). I received one from HTC and it had the "Craftsman Professional" stickers on it (it was grey instead of the orange shown on HTC's website). You...
  10. froglips

    Pre-Gloat Mortise Chisel has shipped..

    I just got notification from Joel at Tools for Working Wood. :3dblob3: Shipped in this package: 1 of MS-MORT.5/16 English Mortise Chisels by Ray Iles - 5/16" were shipped Now I will be camping out on my front stoop looking for the FedEx truck. Thanks to the POS (Power of Schwarz)...
  11. C

    Dewalt DW746 Saw with no fence $491 shipped A good deal on an American made saw. Fences run $150+ The only knock you hear on this one is usually the price.
  12. redhawknc1

    DW735 knives for $35.72 shipped

    About as cheap as I've seen these....
  13. sediener

    DEWALT DW746 Woodworker 10-Inch 598$ shipped today only Looks like a good deal... Amazon says it lists at 2k. - Steve
  14. LeeNC

    It Has Shipped!!!!

    I ordered a LV LA Jack yesterday. :icon_chee I had a choice between a new mountain bike and adding to the tool collection for my birthday. Given that I am in the shop most weekends and rarely on the trails these days, WGD won out. I have the LV LA block and have found it to be easy to use. As...
  15. T

    Performax 22-44 Drum Sander $700 shipped

    Taken from another forum. The model on sale is the 649004k. They also have the 16/32-inch model on sale for $574 shipped. Also a steal.
  16. MikeH

    ARMY - ACU pen complete and shipped!

    As many of you know my brother is in the Army and is being deployed in a couple weeks. He is an officer in the 25th Infantry Division and they are known as Tropic Lightning. I wanted to make a pen for my brother to take with him and wanted to include the Division emblem. Here is the final pen. I...
  17. redhawknc1

    Delta 36-979 1-1/2 HP Contractor Saw - No Fence - Free Mobile Base - $272.91 SHIPPED

    Delta 36-979 10-Inch Left-Tilt 1-1/2 Horsepower Contractor Saw with No Fence $272.91 FREE SHIPPING Promos... Receive one HTC HTC2000 Universal Mobile Base free when you purchase 1 or more qualifying stationary power tools offered by...
  18. Jon

    Incra 1000SE for 124.00 shipped They are out of stock as of 10-16-07 but should be shipping anytime now. Will BE on Sale till January.
  19. V

    new 3-HP Jet cabinet saw for $903 shipped

    Hi, I was able to take advantage of a similar deal last week, so when I saw this one, I thought I'd pass it along. Amazon currently has a 3-HP Jet right-tilt cabinet saw on sale for $754, plus $149 shipping, for a total of $903. It has a 30" Xacta II (Bies style) fence and 2 cast iron...
  20. T

    Deal Alert:Freud SD508 129.99 Shipped

    Amazon is at it again with it's ultra-quick pricing swings: Freud SD508 Super Dado 8-Inch Stack Dado: Tools & Hardware This set was 199.99 earlier today, 139.99 most of the weekend, and 119.99 for a few hours last night. Probably won't last long. Hope this helps some that have...

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