1. Corner chair progress

    Corner chair progress

  2. Corner chair progress

    Corner chair progress

  3. J

    Alcohols for shellac?

    Just a curiosity on my part whether dissolving dried shellac flakes or cutting Zinsser SealCoat which was prompted by the following commentary by Jeff Jewitt: "Use the right alcohol". All of the BORGs and paint stores...
  4. Flute Maker

    Padauk and Shellac

    I tried some 50/50 Zinsser shellac and DNA on some padauk and it turned it purple immediately. Ive been using wop on it so I ll guess Ill go back to that on it..But I was wondering why it did that? Because of the oil in it maybe ?
  5. Joe Scharle

    Zinsser shellac expiration date code

    I may be the last guy to get the wait; there's one guy slower than me. Yep, you know who you are!:rotflm: They're using a 'code' now. No idea why, but here's the breakdown. S17144 D S=IGNORE (actually Somerset plant) 1=2011 7=JULY (OCT=0, NOV=N, DEC=D) 14=DAY 4 D=IGNORE (ACTUALLY...
  6. J

    Zinnser amber shellac

    Bought a can a few days ago because the BORG was out of Zinsser Seal Coat, which I prefer. I've never tried their other shellac products, but should I have been surprised? :dontknow: Really cloudy and murky looking stuff right out of the can. Is that the wax which is insoluble in the...
  7. Steve_Honeycutt

    Looking for a source for wood screws, t-track, and shellac

    Looking for sources for the following items: Miscellaneous wood screws T-track Shellac I am looking for reasonable prices and good quality. I have checked on the sponsors websites. I don't like the prices for the screws at the BORG. What can I say, I am cheap, thrifty value-minded:wwink...
  8. kooshball

    Ways to finalize my shellac finish??

    I am so close to the completion of my dresser that I can smell it (or maybe that is just the shellac spray). When the top is finished all components of the dresser will have 5-coats of shellac and at the moment those coats appear to be very consistent from drawer to drawer and side to side...
  9. kooshball

    HF HVLP setting for shellac?

    For those of you with the HF HVLP gun, what have you used as your initial settings? I will be spraying a 1.25 lb cut of shellac nozzle size is 1.4mm I bought have a regulator on the bottom of the gun so I can make adjustments "locally" I know I will need some trial and error, but...
  10. kooshball

    Color and clear shellac order of application question

    I am getting dangerously close to the end of my wide dresser project and have laid down the first coat of platina shellac to seal everything off. I also plan to add 1-2 coats of orange shellac for some warming effect but I need to know if I can then top-coat that with the platina for depth...
  11. T

    Shellac color consistency?

    Is color across different shellac sellers pretty consistent, or is there likely to be noticeable color differences between say J.E. Moser orange shellac and Shellac Finishes' orange shellac? I realize it is a natural product so there probably is differences just between batches of the same...
  12. kooshball

    shellac spray gun selection

    A while back I posted some questions about slowing the evaporation rate of denatured alcohol so that I could brush the top to my dresser. I will be experimenting with some glycol ether that should do the trick but in the event that it doesn't work as planned I would also like to explore the...
  13. kooshball

    Slower solvents for shellac??

    My wide (61") walnut dresser project is coming along well now that my bench is finished and I can concentrate on the drawer construction. I will be finishing it with a TBD blend of orange and patina dewaxed shellac to give it a little warming boost. The top is large and denatured alcohol...
  14. Joe Lyddon

    Shellac ... then Lacquer...

    I know that shellac will overlay a shellac coat & blend into the previous coat... How about lacquer (spray Deft clear)? Will lacquer blend into previous coats the same way that shellac does... or does one have to lightly sand between coats? Will lacquer go directly over shellac (the 1st...
  15. kooshball

    amber shellac vs. clear shellac on walnut?

    Does anyone have any photos of side by side comparisons of dewaxed amber shellac and plain dewaxed shellac on walnut? Thanks
  16. Kyle

    How Shellac is made

    from Fine woodworking:
  17. danmart77

    Shellac: Article in FWW I think you can view this PDF if you are not a member?? Maybe not? This is a superb article on this finish material. I have purchased all types of shellac over the years and I can say with confidence that Vijay's shellac is the highest...
  18. J

    Shellac under Polyurethane

    Conventional wisdom says poly should only be applied over a 100% dewaxed shellac seal coat in order to prevent adhesion problems. Well, how about this semi-scientific report using poly over non-dewaxed shellac? No apparent adhesion...
  19. Canuck

    Shellac over White Oak???

    I opened a 1/2 full can of Zinssers Clear Shellac today and proceeded to lay a coat onto the inside of a couple of drawers with oak plywood bottom's and white oak drawer fronts. Sides and back are poplar. After about 5 minutes the oak bottom and the back of the white oak drawer front turned a...
  20. J

    Shellac flake experiment

    I've been very pleased with Zinsser SealCoat dewaxed shellac over the past 3 years, but decided to try some dewaxed Garnet flakes today just for a change of pace and appearance on a cherry/soft maple plaque. It's way too humid today to apply it to the test scraps and avoid "blushing"...

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