1. E

    Looking for jointer/planer sharpening service in NOVA

    Looking for a good sharpening service in Richmond and or northern virginia. Woodcraft in Richmond want's $0.85/inch per planer/jointer blade, that's $38 for 3 15" blades, I can get a new freud blades for $42 + shipping. Woodcraft in Leesburg wants $1.20/inch for a set of 3, that's $18, not...
  2. JackLeg

    Kreg Customer Service

    [B]Last week, while filling out a questionaire for Kreg, I mentioned that my Kreg Klamp won't stay locked:nah: and asked if there is an adjustment I could make. :icon_scra Today, the Brown Truck delivered a new Kreg Bench Clamp system at no charge. :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap This came...
  3. gazzer

    Beall Tool Co. - Great Customer Service

    Just wanted to post a note describing my great experience with Beall Tools. I bought a Tilt Box a few years ago, which I found useful for many things. Recently, the thing started acting up - it would read ok on a tilt; however when level, the display would jump around wildly. It did seem to...
  4. S

    Looking for sharpening service companies in Raliegh/Cary

    I'm looking for sharpening service companies for my router bit in or around Raliegh/Cary region. Raliegh Saw is mentioned a few times in older threads. Not sure if they sharpen router bits?
  5. rick7938

    Location of Raleigh P-C/DeWalt/Delta Service Center

    Has the P-C/DeWalt/Delta Service Center moved from Glenwood Ave. in Raleigh? I rode by twice on my way to Woodcraft last Wednesday and either missed the sign or it has moved or closed. I need a set of brushes for a P-C 155 router. Many thanks for any feedback.
  6. Shamrock

    Kudos to FujiSpray Customer service!!!!

    I recently ordered a Fuji Spray Q4 Pro HVLP system: (GLOAT) (thanks to the Woodwrangler for enabling this purchase with a demo of his unit) When I got it from Amazon I was super excited to try it out on our Front door : it was primed and ready to go- but I hit a snag- after mixing the paint...
  7. ScottM

    JDS = Great customer service

    Last week I knocked my remote from my JDS air-tech 750 off the bench on to the cement floor. Needless to say it did not work after that. Friday morning I called JDS, described the situation and asked if the remote had some form of reset. The represent told me that there was not a reset and...
  8. R

    More on Ads

    Is it just me or does everyone get the same ad at the bottom of the "HOME" page. It appears to be for a singles' "starting a relationship" outfit. It is also there on most threads that I read. In fact, it's on the bottom of the page as I'm writing this. Is LOML trying to tell me...
  9. DaveO

    Bosch takes care of their customers

    In my on-going saga of issues with the Bosch Colt I have received nothing but excellent customer service from them. Originally I had the spindle lock button strip out and with some sage advice found here I contacted Bosch and a spindle wrench showed up at my door Thread. Well then the spindle...
  10. Tar Heel

    Klingspors knows the meaning of customer service

    This past Friday I bought some things from Klingspor. In addition to the box of sandpaper I mentioned in a previous post, I bought a 2" foam hook & loop sanding spindle and a couple of boxes of discs. I also mentioned in a previous post that I basically destroyed the foam by getting it too hot...
  11. Trent Mason

    NCWWer dating service

    REALLY WORKS! :eusa_danc :rotflm: As some of you may recall, the SR Shop Crawl last year was Christy's and my first date. What a wonderful day that was meeting alot of you folks and then spending the rest of the day/weekend with her. :rolleyes: Since then, we have spent every weekend...
  12. LeftyTom

    Rockler Customer Service

    Saturday, I ordered a few hose clamps, which were clearely noted "Temporarily outsold"; no problem, I figured they would be shipped when more stock came in. Got a call from Rocker, Tuesday morning. The lady asked if I minded if they shipped the hose clamps when they came in April 3. No...
  13. Matt Schnurbusch

    Sharpening Service at Klingspor's

    So, I stopped into the Raleigh Klingspor's today to drop off my planer and jointer knives for sharpening. I should have called to check their prices before I drove over there. They are asking something like $1.29 per lineal inch for knife sharpening. To get my knives sharpened (3 - 15"...
  14. TedAS

    Freud Customer Service - WOW! = Gloat

    This is what Brown delivered on Friday! I just had to take advantage of Lowe’s $99 deal this was too good to pass up.:gar-Bi As I was getting the fixed base ready to mount in my router table I made an unfortunate discovery. One of the holes in the metal casting was machined at the wrong...
  15. S

    PC Router Service Options ?

    I have a couple of Porter Cable routers 690 1 3/4hp and 7518 3 1/4 hp. The 7518 may need some servicing. Namely brush replacement and possibly the upper and lower bearings. I have 3 questions: -Approx how much would this cost using an Authorized PC repair dealer Parts plus Service...
  16. Tar Heel

    Good customer service from Bessey

    I bought 3 of the Bessey K-body clamps that Lowe's was closing out recently. ($10 each for 2 50 inchers and 1 24 incher). Two of the clamps did not have the plastic clip on the end. I called Bessey's customer service and told them that I had bought two of their older style K-bodies with no...
  17. gfernandez

    Great customer service!

    Wanted to pass along a good customer service story. Last week, I bought a Work Sharp 3000, and have been having trouble getting a straight edge when sharpening my chisels. I followed the directions on how to adjust the machine to no avail. The unit came with a loose bolt, and after I tightened...
  18. Tarhead

    Freud Authorised Sharpening Service in Charlotte

    I ran into a Freud sales rep the other day in Atlanta and asked about their sharpening suggestions for Charlotte. He said they have recently set up a shop at Wurth off of N. Graham and the guy was doing excellent work. I hope so. Anybody used them yet? NORTH CAROLINA Wurth Wood Group 2004...
  19. C

    portable sawmill service ?

    I have a number of old beams from an old tobacco barn that I would like sawed up... some into boards for flooring & trim and some just squared up. Is there anyone who has a portable mill that would come do this in exchange for some wood? The beams are mostly hard pine with a few oak mixed in...

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