Kudos to FujiSpray Customer service!!!!

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I recently ordered a Fuji Spray Q4 Pro HVLP system: (GLOAT)

(thanks to the Woodwrangler for enabling this purchase with a demo of his unit)

When I got it from Amazon I was super excited to try it out on our Front door :

it was primed and ready to go- but I hit a snag- after mixing the paint up and assembling the unit I couldn't get enough pressure to atomize the paint :eusa_thin. I'd used Jeremy's so I knew what the gun should feel like and this one just didn't have enough pressure. So I got on the 1-800 customer service # and left a message. Believe it or not 20 minutes later a customer service rep. called me back and i exlpained the problem. After listing he believed he knew what the problem was, so he had me open up the turbine unit:

(notice anything wrong?)

We'll the unit must've been dropped pretty hard in transit as the turbine motor had shifted in it's mounting and separated from the hose hookup so that very little if any pressure was being fed into the hose(all the turbine pressure was just empting into the housing). So he told me what to do (he offered a replacement if I'd wanted) but I declined until I could see if we could fix it. So I remounted the turbine and re-siliconed the connection:

Turned it on and she worked great. So I was happy- and the best part is I was able to fix it quick ANNDDD... they sent me a bunch a free goodies for my trouble (different size spray nozzles, cleaning kit, etc.):gar-Bi

:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clapTo FujiSpray for a job well done


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SWEET! Great purchase and of course, YOU ROCK! I knew you couldn't resist one of these ... makes all the difference!
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