1. walnutjerry

    Best support ever

    I just recently had a negative event with my Easy Wood full size Ci3 hollower. The insert came out while I was turning and imbedded itself in the inside of the neck of the bowl I was turning.:( I was able to retrieve the insert but the screw was lost. I emailed Easy Wood Tools service and got...
  2. S

    Pickup Service in Carrboro

    Hi All, Just to let everyone know: There is a Pickup Service in Carrboro for Sharpening @ Fitch Lumber Co. 309 N.Greensboro St. Carrboro NC, 27510 (919)-942-3153 I hope this helps some of you looking for this Service? I hope to grow in other areas too! Then there is allways the Mail...
  3. J

    Need help getting wood joined, ripped

    Hi everyone. I am new to this site and looking for some help. I am building a custom bar in my house. I bought some nice 3/4" oak boards for cabinet face, base board, trim, etc. The boards are planed well, but not exactly square down the edges. Need some help to get these edges straight and then...
  4. J

    I need a portable sawmill service near Raleigh

    I have gotten my hands on a gold mine of white and red oak (and a few others possibly) on a buddy's property in Wendell, NC (just east of Raleigh in Wake Co.). The trees are too big for me to be able to transport to the one mill I have been to before. Does anybody know of someone with a...
  5. sawman101

    Praise For Dewalt Service Team

    About 2 months ago my Dewalt DW788 scroll saw quit working. After spending about $90 and unsuccessfully trying to repair it, I bought a used Hegner scroll saw I located on Craig's List way down in Myrtle Beach. I spent over $300 on parts and upgrades, but was not happy with it, so I took the...
  6. S

    Sharpening Service

    Hello Everyone! I was told of this site by one of my customers {bill Clemmons} This is my frist post!! I have been married for 21yrs, I have three boys (3 Boys Wood Toys) and (Tucker Toys),Live in Liberty NC. I run Sharpening Service for over 10 yrs now! I can sharpen allmost anything? Except...
  7. J

    Excellent Tree Service

    Scott Smith gave me the recommendation for these folks. The owner, Cormac Nagan, is a fairly young Irish guy from Chicago. He's also a certified arborist so he knows a lot about trees and how to care for them. Their service area is generally around the...
  8. DanR

    Looking to rent a flatbed truck or trailer (or hire a moving service)

    Hi Folks, I have 12,000 pounds of Cypress sitting at Ivey's place in Burgaw. I need to get it to Hillsborough. I had scheduled a trailer rental from hertz Equipment and when I got there there was a problem. They then offered me a flatbed truck, but the truck won't start :( Does anyone know...
  9. Bill Clemmons

    Good Customer Service - Supergrit

    I recently had a need to complain about a purchase I made from Supergrit. I sent my complaint via the email address I found in the "contact us" section of their web site. Rather than respond by email, a very nice lady named Laura called me to discuss it and "make it right". Bottom line: I was...
  10. J

    Woodcraft Bands Great Customer Service!

    Last week, I posted about breaking a band saw blade, and needing to order a replacement. Well yesterday morning around 9:00 AM, I called Woodcraft Bands and ordered two. Today, the postman brought them. Next day service and great prices, you can't beat that.
  11. J

    Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement

    Just got three of my Ridgid 12 volt LI drills back from J&S Tool repair. They replaced the batteries ( a total of four batteries) under either warranty, or lifetime service agreement. I don't care which, but it is sure nice to have new batteries for FREE! Don't forget to file the "Life Time...
  12. red

    Nebo Area Bush Hog Service needed

    Hey All, I was wondering if any member out in the Nebo area (Dysartsville to be exact) has a bush hog that I can hire (or knows of someone) to cut about a 1 ½ acre lot of briers and scrub brush. Very easy terrain to work on. An added plus would be a front bucket to backfill a bunch of test...
  13. M

    PE Service Available

    I'll be going from Lincolnton, NC to Jacksonville FL Fri Oct 1st and returning Sat Oct 2nd. I'll have a 7x12 enclosed trailer EMPTY on the way down if anyone happens to need something moved to Jax. :dontknow:
  14. BrianInChatham

    Powermatic customer service

    Every now and then I come across a negative post about Powermatic since they were acquired by WMH tool group, and just wanted to throw my $.02 in on the subject. I have a PM2800 drill press, certainly a rather spendy indulgence on one of the less complex pieces of equipment we have in our...
  15. sawduster

    good customer service

    i use a couple of different sites for turning supplies, pen kits etc .....usually depending on who has the best current sale , but I got to give a shout out to Woodturningz and specifically to Fritz over there I ordered some bullet cartridge kits for the first time and...
  16. FredP

    service???? now I know I'm in the wrong line of work!:rotflm:
  17. merrill77

    Forrest sharpening service - suprising results

    Unfortunately for me, the results are not surprising in a good way :no: First, a little background. I have a Dewalt 7640, which is a 50t combination blade that was compared favorably with the WWII a few years back (2005?) - not better than the WWII, as I recall, but in the same league. I paid...
  18. Rob

    Penn State Industries=Great customer service

    Went to mount a blank on my screw chuck that came with my Barracuda 2 chuck, discovered that it's slightly bent. Contacted PSI yesterday for a replacement, they couldn't find my invoice. I stated that I purchased it from Amazon last year, and was willing to pay for it. I wasn't expecting a...
  19. CarvedTones

    kudos to Fox Chapel customer service!

    Not long ago, there was a "hot deals" thread about a "scratch/dent" closeout with some very good deals on books at Fox Chapel. I ordered a couple of books. One I wanted more than the other and it was the one that justified the price plus shipping to me and the other was worth the reduced price...
  20. buildintechie

    Wanted: 100 amp underground service line

    Anybody have an idea where I could get my hands on about 125 feet of underground aluminum 2-2-4-6 or copper 4-4-6-8? I need it to run my new service to the replace the 15 amp service that is out there now (kinda hard to run a table saw, lights, and AC on 15 amps, let alone a 220 dust...

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