1. Joe Scharle

    Search Function

    will not allow user to directly exit if the field entries are not satisfied. Returns with "You have empty profile fields that are required to be filled in. Please visit your profile page to update these fields." Only way out is to LOGOFF/LOGON
  2. Tim Sherwood

    Member search

    I am a new member . I'm interested in meeting other members nearby. I searched by city (Greensboro) , but only came up with two . I tried to broaden the search, by county. That didn't seem to work for me. Is that a valid parameter?
  3. L

    Knotty pine search

    I am about to start a knotty pine cupboard for my daughter to match her existing kitchen. Please tell me I don't have to go to Lowes to purchase the materials. Their prices are too high and I don't need someone prepping my materials for me. Appreciate any help in finding the pine.
  4. skysharks

    In Search of Unfinished Maple flooring

    Hey all I got a job to do and was wondering if anyone knew of where to look for Maple flooring. I mean the same sizing as the Red Oak flooring. And not from the Borg's please, Lol 3/4 " thick tongue and groove, yada yada, etc. Thanks MAC
  5. froglips

    Search Tips and Tricks

    Big thanks to Mike (sushinutnc) for sharing this great guide! Fulltext Boolean Search Operators and Syntax for vBulletin * + A leading plus sign indicates that this word must be present in each row that is returned. * - A leading minus sign indicates that this word must not be...
  6. zapdafish

    help with keyword search

    I am trying to do a search for raleigh saw and the only keyword it is searching on is Raleigh. How do I tell it to search on more than one keyword? I've tried the following raleigh saw raleigh, saw +raleigh +saw and each time it just says the keyword is raleigh. I am not seeing anything...
  7. S

    Search Member button is now present but kaput

    I realize the search members list is available by clicking >Community >Members List and then choosing the search option at the far right. However, now the "Search Members List" button is now available again directly under the >Community button. But when you click that option I get: Not...
  8. S

    search member list option is AWOL

    I noticed yesterday that the option for searching the member list has disappeared. When I click the "Community" button on the top toolbar I get: Contacts Member List There used to be an option for searching....
  9. tjgreen

    Search and rescue

    Haven't had a lot of shop time for the last year - those of you who met me at the picnic saw me holding the two reasons why. So, been finding things I can do in small increments, most recently restoring and learning about hand planes. Figured I'd share a couple. Got these two awhile back at a...
  10. B

    In search of a shop!

    Hi all -- I'm posting for my dad, Michael. My dad is a retired and lives in Chapel Hill. He has been an avid woodworker for years and years. Only problem is that since he moved into a condo, there's no room for his shop and tools. Does anyone in Chapel Hill or the surrounding area have a shop...
  11. TracyP

    DISCUSSION: Restore County Search Function in Members List

    Several members have asked that the function that we used to have where you could search members by county reinstated. I found this feature very helpful. It would be a good feature to add back in and do a write up. Any Takers:dontknow::dontknow:
  12. Glennbear

    Threads Search

    When attempting to use the "my threads" and "my posts" buttons from the search drop down menu I get the infamous 404 error message. :gar-Cr
  13. T

    New Search Feature

    People have been asking me to add search capability to my site for years. Recently Google indexed my site and sent me a report showing 960-some pages (!) which pushed me over the edge. I now have a Site Search box at the bottom of every page. I'd like to get some feedback on how it works so when...
  14. JackLeg

    Member Search?

    When I want to do a "Member Search" I go to the Member List. :icon_thum Then, go to the "letter" of their handle or name, that brings up the entire list of names for that particular letter. :icon_scra Then, I have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see if the name I am looking for...
  15. WoodWrangler

    How To Let Google Search for You

    So now that you know how to search Craigslist globally with Google ... why not let Google do the work itself! iGoogle is going to be required to do this. Just go to and get a free account. Okay, now to the setup ... in 4 steps you'll be up and running! 1. Go to iGoogle and...
  16. ptt49er

    [Problem-Main Site] Google Search

    For some reason when I use the Google search feature under our search button I get the error page below. Any Ideas?
  17. SteveColes

    Google search - new feature

    I've added a new search feature. For a long time, there has been the option of using the google search engine to search our site and/or the web and/or some collection of sites. Why would I want to do that, when we have a perfectly good search engine built into the site? Well, first and foremost...
  18. cskipper

    [Problem-Main Site] Advanced search

    When I tried to look up members by city I got the following message: You have empty profile fields that are required to be filled in. Please visit your profile page to update these fields. I can't see any required field missing and the only way I could get past it was to log out and back in...
  19. B

    [How Do I-Main Site] search

    Is there a way to search the member list by location. It would be nice to be able to find woodworkers nearby by proximity. The alphabetic list is too cumbersome for this.
  20. walnutjerry

    Member Search

    I have noticed recently we have gained a few more members from Salisbury and I got to wondering just how many members are in Salisbury now. Is there a way to search the membership and group the members by city? If not, is it feasible to set this up on the site? I think it would be an asset to...

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