1. Truefire

    Jet Midi lathe 1014 bearings replacement walk through (picture heavy)

    My poor little girl, the Jet Midi lathe VS1014 was in need of some bearing replacements. It should be a very straightforward process, you know the whole 'knock out a bearing and just replace it' kind of thing. I just thought I would share the repair in the event someone might be concerned...
  2. Rick M

    Bought a GP lathe but it needs a chuck, what should I buy?

    I bought an old Goodell Pratt 125 bench lathe but it is apparently missing the chuck. Originally it came with either a #1 or #2 Morse taper depending on the year, since I don't know the year of this lathe and I'm not very familiar with lathe headstocks, I'm not sure what I have or what to go...
  3. M

    Stanly Replacement parts

    Stanly users replacement parts My #48 does not have any irons. I found this site that has reproduction irons. St. James Bay Home
  4. manfre

    Replacement container for wipe on poly

    The top on a mostly full quart size metal container of wipe on poly is stuck. The metal cap is stuck on so tight that the plastic cap separated from it. I plan on making a hole and then pouring it in to another container, but I'm not sure what I can put it in besides metal. Anyone know of a...
  5. b4man

    need resource for tile replacement

    Can anyone tell me where to look for this type of tile to replace a row on the steps?
  6. J

    Multi-Tool Replacement blades

    As most know, more than one brand of blade will fit some mult-tools. I thought this might be a good thread to start, so we would have a common reference as to which fits which. Yesterday, I went to Northern Tool and checked to see if their GENSIS (Power Smith) blades will fit my HF tool. They...
  7. SteveColes

    Replacement for pm2000 Accu fence.

    I've had this saw since the fall of 2006. And in general I love it. BUT, I have always had a problem aligning the Rip Fence and getting good clean rips. I always assumed that I was at fault. Some how I was doing a bad job of alignment and the dirty rip cuts were bad technique. Now all of that...
  8. W

    Shower replacement

    Recently I ask for feedback on shower problems in my five year old house. Everyone's comments were a big help but I may not do the replacement myself. The suggestion to use HF pneumatic punch helped in removing the tile and floor thinset. Finally got around to destruction of the old one.:wsad...
  9. L

    Ridgid tablesaw replacement parts

    I have Ridgid tablesaw model No. TS24122 that has now decided that it may need to be replaced. Why you might ask? Well, the pulley that drives the motor has a wobble and now can't hold the belt. I called the dealer only to be told to go on line and order the part. It is no longer available, they...
  10. kooshball

    Where can I find a Stanley Bailey #5 replacement handle?

    I have recently acquired an old Stanley Bailey #5 plane that has the top missing off the handle; where is a good source for a replacement handle? Thanks
  11. Bas

    Shower door clip replacement

    I have a shower with sliding glass doors. The glass panel has a plastic clip attached to it that slides along the bottom track. View image in gallery View image in gallery As you can see in the pictures, the clip cracked in the bottom left corner. As a result, the clip slips out of the...
  12. W

    Stanley Plane Replacement Parts

    While cleaning up and starting to tune-up three old hand planes, I somehow came up a screw short. It looks like I can order a a screw replacement kit from Highland Hardware. If I don't find this screw, which I am not very hopeful now...
  13. img_0012


  14. img_00112


  15. mkepke

    Plumber (WH replacement) in south Wake/Cary area ?

    Anyone have recommendations for a plumber/plumbing company to replace a residential water heater ? I need to up-size the current 50 gal, or go to a tankless. SWMBO is not happy with lukewarm baths. -Mark
  16. DWSmith

    Grizzly Spiral Head Jointer Cutter Replacement

    I have owned four jointers; a Delta 4", Jet 6", PowerMatic 6" and now a grizzly 8". The first three, Delta, Jet and PowerMatic all shared the same fault, blade changes that would make the Pope cuss a blue streak. Maybe I am to anal but I had to spend an insane amount of time changing and...
  17. L

    Delta 6" jointer replacement knives

    Need help guys, I have to replace my knives on my jointer for the first time. I understand that Model JT360 is 37-658 replacement. They run anywhere from $60 to $89. I purchased the jointer at Lowes 12/05 and have noticed over the years that replacement knives ran about $40. I just want to...
  18. Bathroom Drawer Repair

    Bathroom Drawer Repair

  19. Bathroom Drawer Repair

    Bathroom Drawer Repair

  20. flyrod444

    An old chair replacement part.

    I was asked by a person who refinishes and repairs old furniture to make a replacement spindle for a chair he was working on. It is 19.5 inches long and very thin. I don't do a lot of spindle work, but was still able to get this one close, I think. A spindle steady would have been nice. Jack...

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