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So, I've had a large commercial door ala PhilS that I've been meaning to use to build a movable bench on a section of base cabinet from our kitchen remodel. I've been kicking around doing it and trying to move things around in my garshop to make room to build it much less use/store it. :roll: Needless to say I've been distracted by things to include work, vacation, kids activities, a new baby, and other higher priority projects so it's been just sitting there. I managed to get enough time back last September, yes that's right September 2010, to finish removing all the old exposed screws and nails as well as adding some 1x bracing to the carcass of the section for the bench as well as some of the other base sections that will be used as cabinets with some of the old counter top sections attached to them. I didn't have any more time to spend on the project other than to pick up 4 of those Wood Craft locking casters and some 2x's for the project in the off chance some time ever came about.

Well..... some time finally came last Friday since our oldest 2 are done with school and no longer required multiple drop offs and pick ups and instead all 3 went to the same place at the same time for the WHOLE day. So I actually managed to make some significant progress on both cabinet projects. I got the old piece of counter top attached to a small base cabinet section, moved a pile of junk, organized a pile of offcuts, and re-stored/arranged several things that were in the way so that section could be placed in a better location next to the wall. I also temporarily moved the DC next to in to free up some space and temp stored the MS there until the next phase gets done, whenever that might be!! :gar-Bi


Now the lawn tractor will fit in the space it used to occupy before the TS and DC got moved into that area. :thumbs_up

Next I cut sections of 1x and 2x and screwed, nailed, and glued them to the bottom of the larger cabinet section so I had something to lag the WC casters to. Which gave me this after all was said and done.


Up on it's wheels....


Now it's time to hoist the door up on top and decide how much, if any, to shorten the length since it's right at 8' and decide the best and strongest way to attach the top to it. I added 1x bracing at both ends of the carcass but I'm not sure if screwing through those into the solid core door will be strong enough. What do you guys think? Maybe screw/glue a 1x strip across the top edge of both sides and put some pocket screws from them into the door? I've also got to figure out where and how I want to mount the Peachtree vise I picked up a while back during their sale. I plan on making that decision before I start shortening or screwing down the door/top.

Any comments or improvement suggestions would be appreciated. Not sure how long it will be before I get back to working on it more, but I'm hoping since the drop off and pick up shuffle will be less with the kids out of school for the summer I'll be able to manage more shop time. :gar-Bi

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I have made two benches using solid (particle board core) doors. One of them consisted of sections of doors spliced to give me greater length. Keep in mind that the solid wood sections of the doors only extend a couple inches in from the edges/top/bottom. When I mounted my bench vise I glued/screwed solid stock to the underside of the door and mounted the vise hardware to that. :wsmile:
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