1. cskipper

    Intarsia (kind of) in progress

    Here are two of the four quilt block intarsia pieces I'm working on. They are not glued up so they have not been tightly aligned yet.Comments appreciated.
  2. DaveO

    Progress on Greene & Greene styled table

    Despite my limited shop space due to a huge stack of wood in the middle of it. I did manage to put my new mortiser to use and start the M & T work on the legs and aprons. After adjusting the dovetailed gib on the mortiser, I got it to a point where it was working very smoothly with little...
  3. woodguy1975

    Class Bench Progress

    Well, I've been working on another project besides the COD for the last couple days. In some of the other threads I mention I am working on a series of 3 benches for teaching classes with. Monty is working on two of the bases while I worked on one base and the 3 bench tops. I finished up the...
  4. H

    Finally! some shop progress..........

    Thanks to inspiration from perusing some of the photo albums here, I've actually got a couple things done in the shop. If you'll notice, the jointer actually has evidence of wood work happening! The mobile base for both units are two layers of 3/4 ply with spruce 2X4's turned down flat. The...
  5. Monty

    Some progress on the router table!

    I have finally made some significant progress on my router table project in the last couple of days. I don't have enough room in my shop for a separate router table cabinet, so the router has to go in the TS extension table. As some of you know, when I bought that Jet saw the extension...
  6. Splinter

    New Mobile Router Table in Progress

    Slowly but surely my new mobile router table in taking shape. I haven't applied the finish yet but I have ordered the router plate, T-Tracks and power switch and have part of the fence cut out. I have noted the motto of this forum is "No photos it didn't happen" so I have posted a few photos in...
  7. DaveO

    Rt in progress pics part duex

    I had hoped to get farther along this weekend, but with a daughter getting over strep throat and a wife who just got it, my time was limited. I managed to get the top glued up and attached, cut the miter and t-track slots, and started on the fence. The fence isn't glued/screwed, I just put it...
  8. D

    My work in progress

    I think I have attached some pics of my latest work... It is my 3rd project that has come from my head and has been filled with more lessons learned the hard way. But now I have found you guys and hopefully by researching the site archives, those hard lessons learned will be fewer and farther...
  9. DaveO

    NYW style RT in progress

    Well, here's my weekends endeavors. I got some of the cheap "cabinet grade" ply form HD. This stuff is really bad, but because it was the last few sheets and slightly dinged up, the manager gave them to me for $15 a sheet. Heck it's a shop fixture, it doesn't have to be pretty. I took that...
  10. DaveO

    Jewelry box progress pics II

    Alright I thought that I would have these to post this last weekend but a few mistakes and some very slow hand chiseling work slowed me down. I finally did the veneered panels and the walnut trim pieces. I am very happy with the veneer method (re-activated PVA glue) and the results. Don't look...
  11. DaveO

    LOML jewelry box in progress

    I have planned this for a while, had the wood for several weeks, and finally with this long weekend decided to get started. My inspiration came from one of Doug Stowe's books, although it really wasn't something that you could call a plan, just overall dimentions. I still have to make the doors...
  12. DaveO

    Pics of my fence display in progress

    So have I've bored ya'll with this weekend's endevor. Tough, here's more. I got a little done this weekend not as much as I hope. Keep screwing some thing up. When I took the picture I noticed the curly-like figure on some of the fence board on the right side, it could be the flash?? Curly ACQ...

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