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    Buffet - Corner post profile

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  5. Bas

    An exercise in modern joinery

    After finishing my first set of shop cabinets I ended up with a lot of scrap and still more stuff to organize, so I built this simple saw accessories cabinet. It's actually two separate cabinets, I figured if I ever want to rearrange things that could be useful. View image in gallery This...
  6. pins_small_006


    pins and dovetail line cut a little deep. helps final trim
  7. CrealBilly

    Joinery thinking again ...

    Last time I did this (thinking) I got a splinter, that drew blood... :gar-La; But lets just think for a moment. Lets say a guy wanted a close to perfect as posibble loose tendon joint. lets say for example it's for attaching a arm to a chair or could be any other place where you want you use a...
  8. Warren

    Joinery using hand tools

    During the last shop crawl, there were some discussions about woodworking using only manual hand tools. A couple of shops had scrub planes and bow saws. I heard some questions regarding flatting boards with hand planes and some about bow saws. I used these when I first started on this slippery...
  9. merrill77

    Small box joinery problem

    I'm working on the prototype for a small box and I'm having trouble picking the joinery. In the picture below, you can see the front and one side as it should appear when assembled. The front is 1/4" thick and the side is 3/8". Because the front is offset from the end of the side, fingers and...
  10. Bas

    Drawer sliders, joinery, well a little bit of everything!

    I want to build something like this for my next project: Since the litterbox will be heavy, I want some heavy-duty undermount drawer slides. Any recommendations on where to get those? I do not want the auto-close or soft-stop, just some very high quality, durable slides. This design is a...
  11. johnpipe108

    Thin-panel joinery for rocking horse?

    I have decided to make a toddler's rocking horse, from the plans in Anthony Dew's "The Rocking-Horse Maker." The rockers are 35-1/2 inch, tip to tip, and the rocker seat is about 12 inches off the floor. The material called for is 3/8-inch birch ply, and I was able to get 30 x 24 inch...
  12. willarda

    Mortise nd Tenon Joinery

    On October 27, I will be conducting a one day workshop on mortise and tenon joinery. This is a handtool woodworking oriented workshop. We will learn to cut a variety of mortise and tenon joints by hand. This will include simple, simple pinned, through, through wedged. We will also use a...
  13. pslamp32

    Carcasse joinery...

    Hey all, things are getting back to normal around here after recently losing our little puppy last week. :crybaby2: Time to start buggin' y'all with some more questions I guess. How do you guys join hardwood carcasses? I'm thinking something with a bit of depth, maybe 16-18". Is there a way to...
  14. C

    Jewelry Box Drawer Joinery

    I'm making a box for LOML. 5 Drawers, 5/16 or 3/8 stock (probably poplar sides) with lacewood faces. I know DaveO asked similar questions while planning the box for LOHL and I looked at his finished pics but could not tell what joinery was used. I was considering a dado on the rear and maybe...
  15. sapwood

    Joinery for a Simpleton

    DaveO supplied some scrap western cedar, so I decided it was perfect for a butterfly house like my pop used to make. Two remain, gray and beautifully weathered in my yard (15 years old). Simply constructed, dad used finishing nails. My plan is to use biscuits for more solid construction . . ...
  16. M

    Joinery for visable back of small chest .

    Thank you all who gave me suggestions on how to construct the back of a chest that would be visable in a mirror. I went with the beveled floating panel. It came out really nice, photo @ Mike W.
  17. SteveColes

    Table apron to legs joinery

    So far I have seen M &T joinery used for table apron to legs. But tonight I was watching The Router Workshop and they used sliding dovetails instead. They didn't give a reason. That made me remember that I have seen or read somewhere about using sliding dovetails for this type of joinery, but I...
  18. Canuck

    Joinery Opinions

    There appears to be a vast degree of expertise here and I (as a novice) am interested in knowing what the overall joinery preferences are - Dowels, mortise and tenon, biscuit's,pocket holes etc.. I know that it would depend on the application, but I have been using dowels (w/DowelMax Jig) with...
  19. M

    Small Box Joinery !

    Thank You all for your advice . Iwill try to make a floating raised panel, hopefully the 3/16 will give me enough meat to have it look right. I'm waiting for a couple of router bits from MLCS, maybe by the weekend and I can start machining and assembly. Thanx Again, Mike
  20. M

    Small box back joinery ???

    I am putting together a small [4 " high x 12" wide ] two drawer jewlery box out of Walnut and would like to finish the back with thin stock since it will be visable in a mirror . I have some 3/16 walnut Iwould like to use. My concern is with wood movement. Any suggestions on how to install the...

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