1. B

    Handtool Woodworking Workshops at Edwards Mountain Woodworks

    I am offering woodworking workshops at my shop in Chapel Hill. I have been teaching with Roy Underhill for 15 years at The Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro, NC. The school closed at the end of last August. I have the capacity to take on 2 students at a time. The workshops are centered around...
  2. G

    Best joints for plywood

    Im using 3/4 inch baltic birch plywood to make some bookshelves, and I wanted to use joinery instead of pocket screws. I've been looking at different types of rabbets, and wondered if anyone had suggestions on which would be better between: 1) half blind rabbet/lock joint, 2) double rabbet, or...
  3. Graywolf

    Handsaw skills workshop

    I'd like to see if anyone is interested in a handsaw skills workshop for September 15th at Bill Clemmons shop 10am-4pm. From breaking down stock to joinery, I would like demonstrate, coach, and give participants some drills to take with them for practice. The workshop can handle six...
  4. Clifton

    Opinions Wanted: Incra TS-LS Jointery System

    anyone have this, or used it, work as good as videos try to sell it does? Worth the price? Give me your honest opinions!
  5. C

    Spiral Staircase Around Log

    I'm talking with a builder about a spiral staircase with two landings around a flared cypress log, and I'm trying to wrap my head around laying out for joinery as well as find something techniques for strength and consistency. I've got a few ideas, but I'm wondering, does anyone have any...
  6. R

    Triangle Woodworker's Association sponsored Workshop - May 16 & 17

    "How to's" On joinery and furniture embellishments with 5th generation craftsmen - Jeff Headley & Steve Hamilton. For details and to participate go to
  7. 20140513_170135


  8. Bench on Bench

    Bench on Bench

    A small block allows the holdfast to seat without slamming into the bench.
  9. Bench on Bench

    Bench on Bench

    Cleaning up the pins.
  10. Bench on Bench

    Bench on Bench

    Cutting the tails.
  11. Bench on Bench

    Bench on Bench

    Cutting dovetail pins.
  12. Bench on Bench

    Bench on Bench

    The basic bench before the fixed and movable vise fases are installed.
  13. Rocky Top Coffee Table - leg joinery complete

    Rocky Top Coffee Table - leg joinery complete

    If I want to assemble this table without glue, the leg-to-rail bridle joint needs to be very tight. I spent quite a while fine-tuning the joints and have a pretty good fit.
  14. DSCN4187


  15. Rhythm House Drums

    Looking for ideas of joinery

    I added a photo to try and help explain what I'm after. I have a new idea for a drum but not sure how the joinery will work. I will essentially have two hollow forms, a barrel and a cone that I want to join into one piece. I've done this before with a much less aggressive angle and just used...
  16. J

    Incra table saw/router table joinery system

    I have almost decided to replace my existing router table (Norm's style) and table saw fence with the Incra system which uses the same fence for both operations. I was wondering if anyone out there had this and could offer some advice on it.
  17. joinery


  18. Shamrock

    Demilune Tables Part 2: the joinery

    Ok I got the spelling right this time:wink_smil So after Part 1 we had the aprons laminated. Now we get to cut the mortise and tenons and lap joint to attach the legs to the apron. I have recently aquired a JDS multi router and thought this would be a good "technical" exercise in compound angle...
  19. Buffet


    Buffet to be copied
  20. Buffet


    Buffet to be copied

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