1. SteveColes

    Jet Osc edge sander OES-80CS

    This is being carried over from another thread where it might be overlooked becuase of its topic. Travis Porter & I both were thinking of buying this edge sander. So I went looking for some prices. The following were NOT negotiated, they were the results of asking the right questions. 1. The...
  2. SteveColes

    Disk vs combo vs edge sanders

    What does a disk sander do that the belt on a combo sander or edge sander wouldn't do? I'm sure as soon as someone tells me, I'll be embarrassed, But right now, I just don't see it
  3. H

    Finishing a natural edge bowl?

    I have tried a few natural edge bowl, including the one that was the subject of this thread http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/f32/chatter-bowl-gouge-inside-roughing-cut-29440/ Now I am ready to attempt to finish this. How do you treat the bark in finishing a natural edge piece? So far I...
  4. CarvedTones

    Any rules of thumb for eccentric edge clamps?

    I am going to make a set of 4 eccentric edge clamps to fit 3/4" round dog holes. I was thinking of going with a mostly round tear drop shape with the post off center to one side (actually both sides; a pair each way since every now and then the direction matters). Anyway, I wondered if there...
  5. C

    Plywood Edge

    I am working on some reindeer and other outside yard art for the christmas season. (Tried to get them done for this year however they are not all done.) Hopefully by next year they all will be done The one set I have done the plywood edge is swelling and splitting. I have 3 coats of exterior...
  6. J

    ConvertingACME edge sander from 3" to 4"

    Hello, First of all, I'm new here - this is my first post. So much great information. Thanks to everyone for sharing your knowledge. I'm interested in purchasing an edge sander with a small footprint (similar to the Grizzly G1531 ). I've had communications with Jim Roche, who is...
  7. HMH

    Where can I find live/ natural edge ERC?

    Hey Folks, My parents recently bought a vacation property near Boone, and I'd like to make them a sign for the front gate as part of their Christmas presents. Being a vacation spot, I'd like to keep it non-formal, and I'd really like to get my hands on a couple live edge/ natural edge ERC...
  8. CarvedTones

    small (4") natural edge cherry bowl

    It's a bit rough; the first thing I have done with a "real" bowl gouge. I said I was going to just stick with spindles, but some of the wood I have collected just cries out for it...
  9. CrealBilly

    edge glue ups

    I'm getting better results strength-wise edge gluing boards together to make up wide panels with my tablesaw than I do with my jointer. I know strange... but is true never the less... Seems the minor sawmarks left by the table saw actually help the glue to bond to something - I'm a big elmers...
  10. timf67

    Watch the edge of edge tools!

    Thought I would share a safety lesson I learned the other night. Sorry for the length of the story! I (like many others here) took advantage of the Hartville Tool turning tool sale and got me a new Sorby 3/8" beading and parting tool. It is like a bedan tool but has a double bevel like a...
  11. CrealBilly

    Advise plz - edge joining

    I'm fixing on edge joining (glue up) a 1x12-8 chunk of QSRO that would make a 1x24-4 table top but I'm going to hack it back to a 7/8 x 21 x 39. Should I put a couple of cross grain braces to hold the thing flat? If so how far should the be spaced apart? Thanks
  12. C

    Arched Walnut Dining Table...Completed...pics at end of thread

    I have finally finished the rough out of the arched dining table frame. LOML found a pic and I dropped it into Sketchup. Took me a while to find the thick walnut then took even longer to sort out curves, dimensions, radii, etc. Joinery is M&T, except top rail table cross supports are cross...
  13. WoodWrangler

    Workbench Chamfer Edge?

    I'm building a bench (http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/f29/workbench-build-roubo-21st-century-mix-update-21677/) and was thinking of putting a small 45 degree chamfer on the edge of the top as it is currently pretty sharp and probably prone to dings & such. Before I do that though ... I...
  14. eyekode

    Making 1/4" edge banding

    Today I made a bunch of 1/4" edge banding for a project. I have never done this before so I thought I would ask how others would do it. Here was my process: 1) Ripped ~8" rough lumber to ~4" so it would fit in my jointer 2) jointed one face and edge 3) planed to thickness + a hair 4) setup a...
  15. B

    Natural Edge Bubinga Coffee Table (w/pics)

    My wife saw a natural edge coffee table (walnut I think) in a magazine and asked me to build one for her. She asked about the time I had just finished my desktop and I had a what I thought was just about a useless piece of wood at the time because of its shape and because it was very warped...
  16. tjgreen

    Applied bead edge for cabinet

    I'm trying to find a source for applied bead edging (a long strip of bead) for the inside of a cabinet face frame. Saw it referenced in a cabinet book, but I can't find a local source. Anybody know who might carry it in the area? Tim
  17. First Natural Edge Bowl

    First Natural Edge Bowl

    Here is my first attempt at a natural edge bowl. Black Walnut Managed to only knock off 1 bit of bark.
  18. NCPete

    woodtek edge sander? Raleigh Craigslist

    Is this a smoking deal??? not that I have the funds available :( but maybe you do? $450
  19. D

    straight edge

    Wondering what most of you use regularly as a straight edge. Thinking of buying either a Starrett or one of the Veritas ones. But wondering if that money is better spent on something less. Veritas has the aluminum ones that are certainly reasonable, but wondering about accuracy long term...
  20. J

    Teetering on the edge

    Hey all, I have just become the new recipient of the GW lathe, I know, no pics didn't happen. But Steve (sediener) had a baby with a cold and I had a six and an eight year old with me, neither of us thought about pics:eusa_doh:. Anyway, I am at the top of the slope and Dave and other 'Dark...

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