1. Live Edge Garden Bench

    Live Edge Garden Bench

    Live Edge Garden Bench built out of scrap lumber from a mill. Pulled all the bark off, pressure washed the wood. Hand planed the top to almost the same thickness. Joinery was through tenons. For build along photos visit my facebook page- www.facebook.com/asliceofwood
  2. cyclopentadiene

    Remove bark from live edge without damaging edge

    I have a piece of white oak 24" x 48" x 2" with a live edge and most of the bark still attached. I have the piece surfaced and would like to use it as a table top. How do i remove the bark from the live edge without damaging the wood? Also, how is the best way to sand and leave the natural...
  3. F

    edge sander

    Hello Everyone, Would anyone have a good quality edge sander for sale? Thank You, Kevin
  4. S

    Edge Sander?

    Anyone know where I can find a cheap edge sander or if anyone has one could I use?
  5. Cherry Table

    Cherry Table

    Cherry Table
  6. Cherry Table

    Cherry Table

    Cherry Table
  7. Cherry Table

    Cherry Table

    Cherry Table
  8. Cherry Table

    Cherry Table

    Cherry Table
  9. Cherry Table

    Cherry Table

    Cherry Table
  10. Cherry Table

    Cherry Table

    Cherry Table
  11. B

    Looking for large Live Edge Wood Slabs

    We have a customer wanting a few things made from live edge wood. Preferably Walnut, Maple or Cherry. We need either a large piece or a few smaller pieces that can be made into a desk top, small printer table and chair back. It needs to be fairly thick 1-2". Any help where I can find some that...
  12. Bugle

    Natural edge bowls

    I'm considering carving some bowls similar to these. My question is how do I keep the bark from breaking off? Any help is appreciated.
  13. bowl24


  14. bowl7


  15. Shamrock

    How do you shape the edge of a circle?

    I'm trying to avoid the tearout associated with routing against the grain as you rotate the circle counter clockwise. (I'm shaping the edge of a 20" circlular table top with a bearing guided round over bit on a router table) I've had luck in the past with dividing the circle into 4 parts and...
  16. kooshball

    Which gouge for dressing a live edge slab?

    I have never done any carving but I have seen some nicely dressed live edge slabs that appear to have been done by a gouge. I will be working the live edge of a red oak slab soon and I think I will need a gouge; any suggestions on what size, type, brand, etc that I should seek out? Thanks
  17. T

    ridgid EB4424 oscillating edge belt sander (greensboro - ebay)

    someone might be able to get a good deal on this.... It is not worth the drive for me but heck it say make a offer and he does not want to ship.... might be worth a try for someone...
  18. S

    Edge sander restoration COMPLETE

  19. Tarhead

    36" Steel Straight Edge on Clearance at Hartville Tool

    Killer deal. .0015" out to 36". They told me they were going like water so jump now or whine later: http://www.hartvilletool.com/product/14998
  20. A

    Best tool to sand complex rounded over plywood edge?

    Hello, NC Woodworkers! First post here. I routinely need to smoothe rounded over edges on very complex shapes cut out of 3/4" and 1.5" hardwood ply. I have been hand sanding using foam blocks but this has been extremely tedious and not that successful. Then I tried hand sanding with a strip...

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