1. manfre

    Delta Edge Sander - $800 (Durham)

    Delta Edge Sander - $800 (Durham) Date: 2011-03-23, 11:12AM EDT Reply to: sale-aksr2-2281618657@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Delta Edge Sander , single phase 1 1/2 hp motor, 60" front table, 60" back tilting table, 4" X 132" belt in excellent condition. If interested please...
  2. H

    Raleigh CL: Jet 6x89 Edge Sander, great condition - $600 (West Cary)

    not mine - saw the ad Henry W ___________________________________________________________________ http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2200774107.html raleigh craigslist > for sale / wanted > toolsJet 6*89 Edge Sander, great condition - $600 (West Cary) Date: 2011-02-06, 7:43PM EST...
  3. A

    Edge Treatment for Veneered Table Top

    Hello woodworkers, I'm working on building the sliding top table in Tage Frid's Furnituremaking book. All has been going well, but now I'm struggling a little with the top. I veneered the top using commercial walnut veneer (thin) and plastic resin glue over birch plywood. Not great results on...
  4. Bosch JS Edge Guide/ Festool JS

    Bosch JS Edge Guide/ Festool JS

    Bosch JS Edge Guide/ Festool JS
  5. T

    Jointer producing bowed edge

    I don't have much experience using a jointer but I'm jointing boards on an Inca jointer/planer and having trouble getting a straight edge. I know to transfer pressure to the outfeed table. Wondering if there's a limit as to the length of board that can be jointed in relation to the length of the...
  6. rcflyer23

    New Project - Natural Edge Table

    I was fortunate to get some Spalted Maple from a fellow NCWW'r by way of my dad(JCRAIG). This stuff is beautiful. My wife has always wanted to have a natural edge table so I am building one out of some of this spalted maple. This piece is by no means the prettiest of the wood that I got but...
  7. IMG_01963


  8. IMG_01951


  9. Mark Stewart

    natural edge bowl help

    When some one like me is turning a natural edge bowl is is necessary to ca glue the bark and btw the wood is holly Thanks Mark
  10. drw

    Edge Burning: Is There a Better Solution?

    I need some advice...I realize the some of the hardwoods (cherry, maple, etc) are very susceptible to edge burning during milling and sawing operations. That said, I have minimized the problem during milling operations by using a sharp bit and setting my router speed to the slowest possible...
  11. Sanders Fine Woodworking

    Natural edge birdseye maple bowl

    I turned this little natural edge birdseye maple bowl a couple weeks ago. It has great figure and color.
  12. D

    edge joining ...

    with a hand plane, I stink at it. I had so much fun finally getting some hand planes out and making shavings the last few days. I live in an apartment so don't have a workshop, I borrowed a friend's garage to work in. My "workbench" is a 12 x 12 I got off a construction site they had put in a...
  13. B

    Walnut edge on oak plywood

    I am building a new top to an exising podium which is made from red oak 1 X 2 frame and oak plywood panels. The actual top will be oak ply with a walnut band. I have some Golden Oak Danish oil that I know will make all the oak parts match the rest of the podium. I am thinking that I don't...
  14. Red Oak Burl Bowl

    Red Oak Burl Bowl

    9.5" diameter x 4" tall burl bowl with lots of voids and challenges. Turned very green and still drying awaiting a finish
  15. Mark Stewart

    Square edge bowl

    Hi all I have been trying to turn one of these buggers for 2 years fianaly to day made it all the way through. Some small cuts on the knuckles but all in all Me and the bowl are ok.:banana: not sure of the wood but the finish is blo/mineral sprits. Thanks for looking Mark
  16. Router table with new fence and edge trim on the top

    Router table with new fence and edge trim on the top

    In this step, the edge trim is complete and the fence is done as well
  17. Applying edge trim to router table top

    Applying edge trim to router table top

  18. CarvedTones

    need to drill a 2" hole 11" from edge - DONE with pictures

    and it needs to be perfectly perpendicular to the surface. I am working on an abandoned treadle lathe project and I may have finally stumbled on the main reason why it was abandoned. The center hole in the flywheel is not square to the surface. I expanded it concentrically to fit bearings...
  19. 02blues

    treatment of round table top edge

    Wondering how to address the edge of my round table top with hand tools. Could round over and leave it... Any way to use a molding plane? Does it need to have a matching curve? Trouble with changing grain direction? Scraper / Bead? Might try to hand router out the central section...
  20. sawduster

    natural edge bowl

    Man O Man I have developed a new respect for you folks turning those gorgeous natural-edge bowls :notworthy: This was challenging on many levels and I finally reached a stage where " this is as good as it's going to get from my hand " and I stopped The wood is maple I got from Phillip and it...

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