1. farmerbw

    Wanted: Painting Contractor

    We're looking to try to get our houses exterior painted before it gets too cold and I'm just now getting around to lining up some contractors to call for estimates. I know a lot of building trade folks are being hit pretty hard by the economy downturn and decided I'd inquire here to see if any...
  2. Tarhead

    PM Contractor TS CLT CL

    If you need good bones and cheap this is it but pick up some WD40 and steel wool cause it's nasty. It'll be be gone by lunch. Hurry.
  3. J

    HVAC contractor

    Hey All, Can anyone recommend a HVAC person or company for me to get quotes from ? I need to have my unit changed out and I am going to need duct work done also because the the house has changed in size since the original a/c and heat had been put in. I am looking to go with a dual fuel...
  4. chgorugbyref

    Looking for a contractor

    :help:I am looking for a contractor for a project. We'd like to build a loft in our two story foyer. We had two guys come out last year, but it seems one may be out of business and the other never bothered to call back. We live in N Raleigh out Falls of the Neuse. We are ready to get it...
  5. G

    Delta Contractor saw purchase question

    A guy at work is looking for a contractor saw and he's asking me about one on Craigslist. I thought I'd throw it out here for opinions. :help: He wants mobility, quality, value and doesn't want a cabinet saw. On this one, I really only see...
  6. decibel

    Contractor Saw under powered for walnut?

    I have the ridgid tablesaw 3650 contractor saw and I'm ripping down some 4/4 walnut for glue ups. I'm using the WWII blade and the saw just doesn't seem happy. I feel if I try to feed any faster I might bog the motor (even more) but at this slow of a feed rate it's burning. I've tried a...
  7. J

    Delta contractor's saw $75

    Look on CL, located in N.Orange / N. Durham. From description, sounds like a Model 10 to me. If so, this is a STEAL, without using a gun. Bruce
  8. eyekode

    Contractor saw dust hood

    This weekend I put together a dust hood for my Jet contractor style table saw. It works fairly well so I thought I would share :). The design is very simple (similar to one I found on the net that is made out of sheet metal). One thing I really like about the design is the connector exits at an...
  9. S

    Jet Contractor Saw w/Kreg Miter Ral Cl $400

    Not Mine! 10" Contractor's Table Saw 400$ - $400 Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-05-04, 5:57PM EDT Brand: Jet Model:JWTS-10JF Great condition with a bunch of accessories.
  10. Matt Schnurbusch

    Enclosing the motor on a contractor saw.

    I just looked at Eric's (cubicdissection) post regarding his new and improved dust collection for his saw. Really cool Eric. I didn't want to hijack his thread, but this is something that I have been giving some thought to recently. My only concern with Eric's design is what happens if (more...
  11. mihunt

    Ridgid 10" Contractor saw $399 W/F Home Depot

    I was looking around Home depot in Wake Forest. I noticed that they have the Ridgid 10" Contractor saw for $399. The tag said it's for the TS3650, but all they have is the TS3660. When I got my 3660, I asked them about the 3650 tag, and they said that the only difference was the number of boxes...
  12. merrill77

    cast wings for Delta contractor saw

    I've got a stamped wing on one side and a not-so-flat plywood table on the other. I've always wanted to buy cast wings - but I see some pretty ridiculous prices on them (e.g. $150 ea). Any suggestions?
  13. DIYGUY

    Delta Contractor Saw - $500 on CL

    Looks to be in good shape and has a router insert in the extension table. It has the old style base which may or may not appeal to you. It does have a Baldor motor which should be appealing to any buyer. I have one of these saws and find it suits my needs quite nicely. A big plus is the...
  14. S

    Contractor to consult on home construction

    I am building a home in Southeastern Granville County. I'm planning on being my own general contractor, but would like to engage an experienced (possibly retired) contractor as a consultant. Duties would include helping to create a budget and schedule, apply for a building permit, recommend and...
  15. L

    Sawstop Contractor Table Saw; any advice?

    2 questions: any brands/choices for a mobile base? which fence choice? Background: :mrgreen: My pre-Gloat (huh?) posting about my planned birthday gift in November - the long-awaited Sawstop Contractor Table Saw. It has become a given that the Sawstop line is my only...
  16. J

    Delta Model 10 contractor's saw -$125

    Currently on RDU Craigslist. But saw is a little older than owner thinks. It was made prior to 1988.
  17. J

    Delta 10" Contractor's Saw - $125

    Was in the Habitat Reuse store today, and they have a Delta Model 10 contractor's saw for $125. This is a belt drive saw, with 1.5 HP TEFC motor that operates on either 110, or 220. Saw could use some TLC, also know as rust removal. Saw was built prior to 1988. Stock Jet Lock fence system on saw.
  18. cpw

    Jet Contractor's Saw

    I was a B & K Tools in Asheville and they had a new Jet Contractor's saw similar to this one for $495. 10", 1.5 HP prewired to 115v, stamped wings.
  19. Tarhead

    Table Saw - 10" JET Contractor saw - $200

    Decent contractor's tablesaw with a Freud blade on CLT Craigslist. Not mine: Bladeguard, Mitergauge, insert, wrench, Mobile stand in photo.
  20. redhawknc1

    Delta 36-979 1-1/2 HP Contractor Saw - No Fence - Free Mobile Base - $272.91 SHIPPED

    Delta 36-979 10-Inch Left-Tilt 1-1/2 Horsepower Contractor Saw with No Fence $272.91 FREE SHIPPING Promos... Receive one HTC HTC2000 Universal Mobile Base free when you purchase 1 or more qualifying stationary power tools offered by...

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