1. Arguseyed

    Contractor's saw rip 8/4 stock?

    A rookie needs some guidance here. I'm building an outfeed table for my contractor's saw and need to make some 1.5" square legs. Will my Delta contractor's saw rip 8/4 birch stock? Since I now have a jointer and a planer, I refuse to go to the BORG and buy poplar or red oak! I've got some extra...
  2. peteb301

    Need contractor for Hardi plank install.

    Looking for recomendations on contractors or WW'ers to replace Masonite with Hardi plank on two small sections of a two story house in Cary NC. I had a contractor but he became unreliable and didn't finish the job. Would do it myself but don't climb ladders too high any more. Sections needing...
  3. S

    New fence for Jet contractor saw?

    Well, it's time to upgrade the table saw. I have a Jet contractor saw that's about 3 years old. I've built a rolling cabinet with storage and built-in dust collection. I have no complaints about the saw except the fence could stand to be more accurate and stronger. So I can't justify selling...
  4. Joe Scharle

    SCMS & Contractor TS ratings

    This article from Consumer Reports focuses on compound miter and table saws with 10-inch blades. Rankings are provided for a variety of brands, and Consumer Reports also offers its Quick Pick recommendations. Consumer Reports...
  5. Arguseyed

    Contractor saw - motor removal

    This might be a stupid question but since I know less about electricity than I do brain surgery, I though I'd ask here. Is there any reason I could / should not install a quick disconnect in the wire that runs from the motor on my contractor's saw to the switch? In anticipation of rolling my...
  6. Vanilla Gorilla

    Need a contractor

    I am thinking about adding on a 2 car garage (read: shop) to my house, and I was wondering if any of you guys had any recommendations for a contractor to do the work. I live in Durham, near the Southpoint mall area, so it would have to be a contractor that operates in this area. I am in the...
  7. wilkesland

    contractor saw alignment rant/rave

    Well, after moving, building a house with the shop left unfinished, and bypass surgery, I've finally got the shop completed to the minimum point that I could set up my saw. Decided to convert it from 110 to 220v while I was at it. Did the wiring from my new panel, rewired the motor, fired it up...
  8. PowerMatic 64A Contractor Table Saw

    PowerMatic 64A Contractor Table Saw

    Dust Collection Modification.
  9. DCG Router Table

    DCG Router Table

    Home built router table with Jessem Lift mounted on right side of TS3650
  10. Douglas Robinson

    Raleigh General Contractor Recommendations

    Well, the family is fairly well moved in and I am looking for bids to build the wall separating my "shop" from the rest of the garage. I have one recommendation for HomeWorx, the owner of which lives a few houses away. I am looking for other bids. Any recommendations? Thanks, Doug
  11. b4man

    HVAC Contractor in Charlotte Area

    Do any of you know any good, reliable and reputable Heating and Air companies in the area? I need to replace my system at Lake Norman:crybaby2: Is anyone here in this business? I need some guidance and some A/C! Thank You in advance.
  12. T

    UPDATED: Can't decide on contractor TS.....

    I have decided to move up from my old Craftsman 10" benchtop saw which has served me well for about 6 years. Would like to move up to a contractor TS, which needs to be mobile (working in a 2 car garage). Also would like to keep it in the $600 range if possible. I'm looking at the: Delta...
  13. J

    Delta Contractor saw - $275

    Craigs list - RDU/ Chapel Hill- today Feb 24 Delta contractors saw with mobile base, jet lock fence.

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