1. M

    Stain in Black Marble

    I think it's a water stain in an unsealed black marble table top. Anyone know how to remove this?
  2. PChristy

    Klingspor Black Friday deals
  3. CrealBilly

    Black Walnut - TCD quarantine

    FYI please read ---> Thanks
  4. B

    B&D random orbit sander & spotlight recall

    F Y I... CPSC issues recall on spotlights and sanders (Sep. 9) The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Black & Decker, announced the voluntary recall of the Black & Decker Random Orbit Sanders. The recall affects approximately 192,000 units. According to the...
  5. Ehardin

    Black Walnut - Yadkinville CL [Errors when replying to ads?] approx 1600 board feet of 1" thick Black Walnut lumber. Mixed grades, 4" and wider, some 12" wide. 8' - 9' lengths air dried in shed Take all for $2 per board ft or pick and choose at $3 per board ft Walnut, 1 piece 3" x...
  6. Black Walnut Vanity

    Black Walnut Vanity

    Black Walnut Vanity frame and panel carcass, walnut burl veneer panels.
  7. TexasTimbers

    Inspect Black Walnut trees regularly . . .

    I know many of us sawyer & logger types are aware of the 1000 Canker Disease attacking Black Walnut, but I think it's a good idea for a reminder to woodworkers as well, since most of you often interact with sawyers and loggers. Also, many of you own property & perhaps have some BW that you can...
  8. jtdums

    Black Walnut on CLT Craigslist

    Not mine. Black Walnut logs. Love to turn some, but can't get down there. Good Luck.
  9. froglips

    1965 Black & Decker Rotary Hammer 719-A

    Folks, I've exhausted my limited abilities to search online, so I now have purchased front row tickets to the NCWW Wise Dome! I picked this beauty for a whopping $25 bucks at an auction. It fires up and runs "smooth". But, I don't know: a. what to oil and grease it with 2. how to oil...
  10. K

    black walnut anyone?

    Hello we had to cut down a black walnut in our urban virgin forest. It is about 10" in diameter. Is anyone interested in it? Thanks Karin
  11. Black Cherry Burl Bowl

    Black Cherry Burl Bowl

    Black Cherry Burl Bowl. Took me awhile to get up the guts to turn this one. Glad I finally did.
  12. R

    Anyone interested in black walnut trees?

    I have 2 extremely large ominous black walnut trees looming over my house. I'd like them cut in half but I may be able to be talked into cutting them down completely. If anyone bonded and insured would like them you can have them free but you gotta come cut them down or in half. If your not...
  13. froglips

    Missed black walnut....

    Ok, this is a sad tale of being a dollar short and a day late. Well, more like $60 short and 2 hours late. I was driving to the grocery store when I noticed a crane in someones yard. How odd... Then I see a truck bed with lots of black walnut logs in the bed. So, I do what I'm duty...
  14. shoe cubby

    shoe cubby

    shoe cubby with breadboard top, nice curly maple
  15. shoe cubby

    shoe cubby

    shoe cubby with breadboard top, nice curly maple
  16. shoe cubby

    shoe cubby

    shoe cubby with breadboard top, nice curly maple
  17. shoe cubby

    shoe cubby

    shoe cubby with breadboard top, nice curly maple
  18. L

    Black Walnut on Greensboro craigslist

    Not me/no one I know... seems like a fair price for black walnut 4/4 6"wide by 12 ft long ~1700bf at about $2.50 per bf
  19. CoolHandLuke

    Black Walnut....Woohoooo!

    So, about four years ago I promised to make my wife a bed out of black walnut... but we being poor have been putting that off until we can afford to buy walnut stock that is big enough for a king bed. anywho, I just scored about 300bf of 5/4 black walnut all from one tree, in boards that...
  20. CarvedTones

    Free black Walnut tree in Raleigh!

    Not mine. You better know what you are doing; Glenwood has lots of wires and buildings/houses close together. The likelihood of some metal in the tree could be lower... BLACK WALNUT TREE (Historic Glenwood) Date: 2010-03-10, 2:49PM EST Reply to: [Errors...

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