1. Crrunion

    I Want To Trade Lathe Lessons For Black Walnut Blocks

    I have a few pieces of black walnut log rough cut with a chain saw about 12 or 14 inches long, and I would be willing to trade 2 or 3 of them for a few lathe lessons. I have used a lathe a little bit, but not much and have had no training. I want to learn to turn well enough to make some finials...
  2. Crrunion

    Acquired So Black Walnut Today

    A friend has several acres of hardwood and invited me to come get some BW. He has a lot of standing BW and I brought back more than a Walmart bag of nuts which I will enjoy eating. I also brought back a log that has been on the ground for more than 15 years. The wood is solid. The log is 10' 5"...
  3. mkepke

    MIG weld black (gas) pipe ?

    Here's an idle question: is it easy to MIG (actually flux-core wire-weld) common black pipe ? I assumed black-pipe was mild steel, but maybe its really more cast-iron-like ? No, I don't plan on using this for gas-piping..I'm planning to make a large cross-dowel aka barrel nut by tack-welding a...
  4. D

    Black Walnut tree

    I have a black walnut tre i want gone is anyone interested. Glenn
  5. D

    Black Walnut Tree DOWN advice wanted

    Today a friend of mine called and stated one of his large Black Walnuts fell during IRENE. . . He has a horse farm and it is blocking one of the gates and needs it gone and has offered it up to me if I can move it. I have a friend who has a saw mill, tree cutting business to include trucks...
  6. Barn Wood Table and Bench in Black

    Barn Wood Table and Bench in Black

    Barn Wood Table and Bench in Black
  7. L

    Black Walnut

    My dad gave me some black walnut that was cut probably 30 years ago. It is blocks and half rounds 10"-15" wide and about 2-3 foot in length. The ends were never sealed. I have been working on milling it to 1" boards so I can use it. My ? is, do I need to stack and sticker it or or do you...
  8. TracyP

    Free Black Lab To A Good Home

    I have had to put my male black lab down due to severe pain. He gave us fifteen years of dedicated protection and his female partner is in need of a good home. She is very territorial and will make someone a great pet. We got her from the humane society to be a partner to our male black lab...
  9. scsmith42

    Black walnut for bowl blanks in Raleigh

    Sawduster sent me the link below today (thanks Robert!), and I just followed up with the owner. He has a large (36" DBH) black walnut that came down in the tornado's. Unfortunately, the trunk is hollow and it split off, so there is probably a lot of shake in the remaining trunk wood...
  10. Joe Scharle

    Happy Birthday Mark Black

  11. blazeman45

    Black Walnut

    Don't know anything about it... Just thought I would pass it along
  12. sawduster

    Black Lab pups

    Neighbor has full blooded black lab puppies who are ready for their own homes :icon_cheers. Puppy parents live there and are registered. Pups are not registered and have had 1st shots and worming. $50 apiece . PM me for contact details . I have no involvement other than providing contact info...
  13. C

    Finishing Black Walnut burl

    Hey, folks. First timer here. Just started working with some BW cut a few years ago on my place. I also have a bit of burl ripped into three inch slabs with the bark still attached to the burl nodules that's been drying in the shop for about 6 years. I cut a 1 foot round (well sort of round)...
  14. Photos of Walnut Getting Milled

    Photos of Walnut Getting Milled

  15. Photos of Walnut Getting Milled

    Photos of Walnut Getting Milled

  16. Photos of Walnut Getting Milled

    Photos of Walnut Getting Milled

  17. Bar Top

    Bar Top

    Bar Top Curly Black Walnut Slab with Sapele base both bought from Kyle Edwards
  18. Bar Top Slab

    Bar Top Slab

    Curly Black Walnut Slab bought from Kyle Edwards
  19. L

    Black Locust Lumber

    I have black locust lumber for sale. It came from a property in Western NC from 1 to 2 large trees. It was air dried as rough cut lumber in a barn for 5 years. I surfaced it 10 years ago but have not used much and want to sell. 475 board feet of S3S 13/16" thick x 4" to 12" wide x 14ft...
  20. Mark Stewart

    Black Friday gloat on TYhursday

    :banana::eusa_booh Just got me self this spiffy new chuck. got 10.00$ off with card in sale paper and best of all free shipping and I dont have to get up in the morning:banana::occasion1:wtongue::gar-La;

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