1. MikeF

    Carolina Water Ash

    We went to the Museum of Natural History today. (Still trying to get to know the area), and of course, I had to stop by the area that displayed native NC trees. I will post the others in my gallery, but there was one that stood out to me. The Carolina Water Ash. It has beautiful growth rings...
  2. T

    White latex paint or water based pigmented lacquer

    After spending 7 hours spraying a large project with one coat of primer and 3 coats of latex I can not help but wonder if I could do it with less coats and get better results using a white pigmented water base lacquer. I recall John talking about it in his finshing class and was wondering if...
  3. mshel

    Water based finishes

    For those of you using the USL water based finishes, where is the cheapest place to get it. I saw some in Klingspoor that was a bit on the high side and only a quart at that. Their price on a quart is more than I have been paying for a gallon of pre-cat lacquer. Can't stomach that kind of...
  4. Splinter

    Water Based Grain Filler

    Need pointers on using Behlen Water Based Grain Filler. The can I have is called Neutral which is kind of light cream/white colored. Should it be tinted with a tint near the same color of the wood or the stain to be used or what? Any info would be helpful. I had planned to use in on red oak but...

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