1. Rick M

    Water problems - county or state resources?

    We've always had a slight water problem because we are at the confluence of two slopes but in recent years the problem has drastically worsened and on days like today our back yard is turning into a creek. The lessor problem is that our roofline has a break so that the gutters must each drain to...
  2. Tankless Water Heater

    Tankless Water Heater

    Tankless Water Heater
  3. T

    Water heater leak question

    My water heater likes to start dripping out of the relief valve at the top side of the unit. If I put a bowl under it and pull the lever a bit and re-close it it stops dripping (the water is hot). So what is broke and what do I need to do to fix it. The old heater had a pipe attached to that...
  4. M

    Trick for better water based finish results

    It's more of a cheat really... I mentioned it in the Jatoba thread but figured I'd share separately as well. A little history first: I build drums out of my shop...err... garage... My preferred method of applying finish is with an HVLP gun and my compressor. My spray area is about 3 feet away...
  5. J

    Water separator for small air compressor

    You guys have any decent recommendations for a small water separator to be used with a 6-gallon pancake compressor? Mine is not oiled so I don't need a oil/water separator - not sure if they all do both. Would be nice if I could pick one up at a local store vs. Internet. I see several on...
  6. J

    Instant Hot Water

    Not many things are more bothersome than waiting for the water to get hot. This is usually because of the distance from water heater to fixture. Watts makes a thermo sensor / circulating pump assembly to solve this problem. Both Lowes and HD stock it. Selling price is about $200. Installation is...
  7. farmerbw

    Cary water meter access?

    Anyone have any experience with the new water meters and boxes that Cary upgraded to recently? Specifically what tool/key does it take to open them and does anyone sell them? The one I've got is oval shaped and has what looks like a skeleton key opening on one edge. The TOC public utilities...
  8. Jun_12_11_Dump_105


  9. Oops!


  10. W

    How to apply water based paste grain filler?

    Happy Easter Sunday! I am currently try to finish a mahagny table top. I alreay applied a water dye and a layer of shellec. I was originally thinking of using oil based paste filler, but could not find it. Is it oaky to use water based paste filler on top of shellec? I read that water grain...
  11. smallboat

    made it to the river

    The boat I posted a few weeks ago finally made it to the river. Here are a couple of photos, there are a few more in the gallery. I borrowed the paddle to use as a patern, so now its time to make my own. View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery
  12. Dan_river_2


  13. Dan_River_Bank_4


  14. Dan_River_Bank_3


  15. Dan_River_Bank_1


  16. Dan_River_Bank5


  17. Dan_River_3


    Dan River
  18. Dan_River_1


    maiden voyage
  19. NCTurner

    Water Heater Qestion/possible issue

    About 1.5 months ago I changed out my water heater, no problem. Temp was comfortable, but not the "hot" I was used to. This past weekend I bleached my system and thoroughly flushed the water heater(powered down) and refilled. Now the water is almost scalding hot. Did I mess something up, or...
  20. Trent Mason

    Water heater update

    OK folks, I am officially baffled. :confused_ The maintenance guys replaced our old water heater with a brand new one (same size, etc) and the hot water STILL runs out after two showers (10 to 15 minutes each, 20 to 30 minutes total). The tank is located in our laundry room, which is heated, so...

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