1. Trent Mason

    Water heater question(s)

    OK all you DIY'ers, I've got a question for you. Back around Thanksgiving we suddenly noticed that our hot water ran out after about 20 minutes. We never had a problem with it before. Of course, we are renting and I'm not the one fixing this, but even the maintenance guys seem to be at a...
  2. Douglas Robinson

    Wrapping a Water Heater

    My water heater is in the attic of our house. It gets quite cold up there this time of year. I have a thermal blanket to wrap it in. Any advice on how to do this correctly? Anything I should be wary of? Anything to avoid? I have ben told that I should wrap it so that the blanket does not touch...
  3. water stones

    water stones

    water stones
  4. water stones

    water stones

    water stones
  5. water stones

    water stones

    water stones
  6. water stones

    water stones

    water stones
  7. zapdafish

    hot water heater question

    My hot water heater stopped working. I was following instructions to see if I can reignite the pilot light. There is a small dark piece of glass I am supposed to look through. I am not seeing anything sort of light back there when I try and relight the pilot. Any idea what I should be seeing and...
  8. sawduster

    water born lacquer ?

    Whilst making my weekly purchase of Deft i noticed they also have a "water borne lacquer" i would welcome any discussion, pros and cons on this product Yeah, I could look it up but as I have said before...... Slingblade voice on : " I like the way y'all talk " :gar-Bi TIA :icon_thum
  9. Ken Massingale

    Water Lillys

    A Swallowtail decided to get into the pic, just flew by as I snapped.
  10. Water Lily Swallowtail

    Water Lily Swallowtail

    Water Lily Swallowtail
  11. C

    Side venting a water heater?

    Another water heater question for you all, sorry :P Anyway, I have a crawlspace with a direct vent water heater that has a vent pipe that goes up a few inches and then horizontal a foot or two through a cinder block wall. It just died and needs a replacement. A friend has an extra water...
  12. Mr. Lahey

    Can I install a water heater without soldering the pipes?

    I just took down my old water heater. The inlet and outlet pipes were soldered so I had to hacksaw them. I don't have a torch for soldering pipes. Is there a coupler or something I can use instead?
  13. Hook

    Hot Water Heater elements

    We got home from vacation Tuesday night to very little hot water (gotta love it). :wmad: Wednesday, being the licensed bean counter I am, I started doing the math to determine if I should call a plumber while I was out looking over the water heater. I put my hand over each cover and the top...
  14. Mr. Lahey

    ? About water heater leak

    My water heater is leaking around the base. Its not to the point of dripping but it is leaking. I understand this means the tank is corroded so it will have to be replaced. Is there a way to at least slow down the leak to keep it working a little while longer?
  15. J

    Non-obvious Home Water Leaks

    Here's the history: Average daily use for 11 months; about 125 gal. Average daily use for February, 2010; about 425 gal. :evil: An obvious leak and a closed system test showed that it was between the meter box and the shut-off valve inside the home. However, there were no signs of...
  16. Matt Schnurbusch

    Water Filter

    We have been using a water cooler and bottled water for about 5 years. My water cooler has sprung a leak, so I either need to replace it or get a good filtration system. My wife and I drink a lot of water, and we are both a bit finicky about it's flavor. Garner water, in fact most city water...
  17. cyclone


    The working part in the ceiling
  18. cyclone


    There she stands (or swings)...
  19. J

    Instant Hot Water

    Do you have a sink, or shower that takes forever to get hot water? Watts makes a recirculating hot water system that uses existing lines. Basically it's a pump with timer mounted at water heater, and a thermostatically controlled bypass valve that is located at furtherest faucet set from water...
  20. MrAudio815

    Foyer Floor Damage~No Water from last night

    Hey Everyone, Update: Contacted insurance people. They called yesterday when we were gone selling our 98 Acura TL, and haven't called back. Anyway yesterdays big rain storm that we had should have surely left some water puddles in the front foyer area. NOPE It is as dry as a bone. So...

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