1. T

    Nice day in the shop today :) (PICS ADDED 1/8/12)

    It has been a long time since I had any fun in my shop. 1st, Put the finishing touches on a small activity table for the girls I started last spring. 2nd, Cleaned up a mess of sawdust (yes it was fun) See this post. 3rd, The real problem with my dust collection system is the only switch I...
  2. Mike Davis

    Finished a bowl and made two spoons (PICS)

    Maybe I'll have time to take some pics tomorrow. :rotflm:
  3. DanR

    14" Rigid band saw at Direct Tools (Mebane) for $260 today

    Direct Tools has a $75 off on $220 that ends today. The Rigid 14" is on sale for $320, minus $75 = $265 with tax. If you have the Groupon, it ends up costing only $220 (including the $30 cost of the Groupon). I know it is an import, but from what I have read it is good after: - adding a...
  4. Rob

    Tried a coring tool today

    Nate brought his McNaughton coring tool over and we played. First two blanks I picked was dry silver maple. Big mistake, it doesn't work well with dry wood. One came right off the chuck, and you could hear both pieces crack. Never heard wood crack just sitting there. So I chucked up some...
  5. scsmith42

    I discovered a great local tool store today...

    Payne's Tool and Supply on Highway 55 in Durham (near where NC54 crosses Hwy 55). They are a locally owned business with two locations; one in Raleigh and one in Durham. Their primary market seems to be construction related, and their inventory is all professional grade tools; from what I...
  6. Crrunion

    Acquired So Black Walnut Today

    A friend has several acres of hardwood and invited me to come get some BW. He has a lot of standing BW and I brought back more than a Walmart bag of nuts which I will enjoy eating. I also brought back a log that has been on the ground for more than 15 years. The wood is solid. The log is 10' 5"...
  7. woodArtz

    NC Woodturning Symposium starts today

    Headed to the symposium today through Sunday. :eusa_danc I hope to see some of you there! Remember the vendor area is open to the public.
  8. blazeman45

    Mitre Saw Station Build (Updated Pics - 11/18)

    After much thought, I went to the shop this morning and got started building my new mitre saw station... I purchased a new Dewalt 12" SCMS a couple of months ago to replace my old 12" Dewalt. I got the carcasses and tops built today and got the table for the saw installed. - The saw table is...
  9. allisnut

    Cut some pen blanks today...

    Spalted Oak from the firewood pile. Free pen blanks that look better than high dollar exotics! Adam
  10. rcflyer23

    Started a Chessboard Today

    So I decided to start a Chessboard today. I got some cutoffs from The Hardwood store in Gibsonville during the Shop Crawl and dad had some walnut that he let me have. I started milling it today. So far I have the wood milled and ready to be glued up, Now I just need to be brave enough to glue...
  11. SteveColes

    Planned Maintenance. Finished for today

    I am in the process of cleaning some things up from the move to the new machine. I did some yesterday and there were short periods of non-availability and/or error 500. It is all part of the same thing. I will be doing this again today. I apologize for the inconvience, but because this has to...
  12. jaustin

    made a pen box today.

    Found the plans on carvewright and made one of these box. Had a little problem with getting the hinges correct so the top and bottom are off a little. (sorry for the bad pics only had my phone with me)
  13. J

    Went to the JunkYard Today

    Yesterday on CL was a power washer for $15. Replied to ad, and it was my former neighbor. He has been sick since January (most likely Lyme Disease.) He told me to just come and get power washer for free. I did, and just as he stated, the engine bogged down when pulling the pump. (The engine is a...
  14. Randall Kepley

    Big Score Today ! ! !

    First off I want to let everyone here know what a STAND-UP GUY, Tim Mckenzie is ! As some of you know, Tim had quite a large amout of Mappa Burl for sale or trade. Well Tim and I started PMing back and forth and at the start were going to trade for maple or birch plywood for his shop cabinets...
  15. woodArtz

    Found a nail today...

    I used my table saw with a nice Freud Fusion blade to find a 16d nail in a big slab of oak. Very effective at finding nails... arggghhhhhhh! :BangHead: I am now the proud owner of a metal detector and a new blade. Nothing like closing the barn door after the cows are out... :no: Big Nail...
  16. Bill Clemmons

    Visited Rob's shop today

    I went down to Sanford to see Rob's shop today. First, he's been working on getting it more organized and I wanted to see the progress. Second, I wanted to take a close look at one of his jigs to see if I can make my own version. Yea, I'm cheap! :gar-La; The shop is really coming along...
  17. Bas

    Site outage Sunday 5/22 and today ** PLEASE READ **

    The site was down almost all day Sunday, and came back early Monday morning. Our web hosting support team is still working through some issues, so there is a good chance we'll go offline again later today. Please bear with us as we try to get everything working again.
  18. MarkE

    Great picnic today. Thanks!

    This was my first time attending the NCWW picnic and my family and I had a great time. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone that participated in setting up this great event. I know that something like this takes a lot of effort, planning, coordination to put together...
  19. MrAudio815

    What I did today~! Great Finds~!

    Hey NCWW's, I went to our Local Gardener's Market here in Cache Valley, Utah. :gar-Bi Bike Powered Music, Now that's cool~! :eusa_clap After looking around getting an idea of prices for produce, I saw one wood turner. He had some nice turnings that were thicker than all get out. He...
  20. Mike Davis

    Anything happening today?

    Think I'll sleep in and enjoy the rain on the tin roof.

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