What I did today~! Great Finds~!

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Hey NCWW's,

I went to our Local Gardener's Market here in Cache Valley, Utah. :gar-Bi

Bike Powered Music, Now that's cool~! :eusa_clap

After looking around getting an idea of prices for produce, I saw one wood turner. He had some nice turnings that were thicker than all get out. He had a Huge Box elder Burl bowl for only $25??? What? :eek: He also had a bunch of cutting boards that he was selling from $15 for small to $35 for a large (8x12). But a large Box Elder Burl for $25? :eusa_doh:

Salt & Pepper shakers

Cutting Boards...All the purple was garbage to a Cabinet Maker? :eek:

He also told me that he found the Burl at the DUMP and the purple heart he made cutting boards out of was from through aways at a cabinet shop. He had ton's of cutting boards made from their garbage.

Anyway I went to all the cabinet shops listed in google and I made out GOOD~!

Here's PROOF of the GOLD MINE~!

8'-9' Walnut and Alder

Tons of Short Maple, Cherry, Walnut, & Alder... And some boards are 11-12" wide, these will be great for vertical grained turnings.

Thanks for Looking & Commenting~! :icon_thum
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