1. jimwill48

    New Stuff and 1 kind of Gloat

    First the kind of Gloat. I've been wanting a Dust Collector so I could stop using my shopvac for dust collection. Went in to Lowe's Sat and found they had reduced the price for this small 1hp Delta Dust Collector to $98.00 couldn't pass this up at this price - Will I was there I also picked...
  2. Bas

    Shop stuff that's a joy to use

    I was doing a bunch of stuff today, and realized how important all the accessories are to woodworking. Yes, you need good tools, but the accessories matter! My top 10 things I enjoy using every time: 10. Shop Fox DC remote. It seems like a small thing, having a remote, but even in my little...
  3. R

    Free Stuff

    Delta recently replaced my 10" Hybrid table saw (Model 36-714) due to some internal problems. :gar-Bi During the transaction I wound up with some leftovers. Delta does not want them back. They are available for free to the first person who lets me know that they would pick them up in the North...
  4. Douglas Robinson

    Big stuff on CL in Holly Springs

    Travis: I think I hear your name being called. HINGE BORING MACHINE - $450 (Holly Springs, NC) 20 HP PHASE CONVERTER - $800 (Holly Springs, NC) 13 Spindle Line Borer - $750 (Holly...
  5. G

    selling off all my big stuff TS BS Planer DC

    All this stuff is barely used call 704 778 0368. Located in south charlote Delta 50-760 1.5 hp dust collector - $300 Delta unisaw + vega fence + 3 blades - $1250 Delta shaper 1" spindle - $500 Good little shaper, will throw in knives and top bearing slip collet. 3 phase, I think the...
  6. T

    Assistance with computer stuff, and such...

    Afternoon all, I have been meaning to throw this offer out there for sometime now, but seems time is always so short...Anyhow, now that I have a chance to catch my breath... I do quite a bit of IT stuff, been at it for a very long time.. Currently working as an IT Manager out at NCSU.. So, if...
  7. LeftyTom

    Winston CL: WW'ing Stuff in Wilkesboro Not mine, no one I now. Link in CL post goes to album with lots of pics.
  8. TracyP

    Ordered Some Stuff Today I ordered the above two items today to go with my new router. A Milwaukee 5625-20. I will be building a mobile table to go under the above items. The time frame will be about two to three weeks due to down time...
  9. Trog777

    Dem Germans make some quality stuff

    More green in the shop. This is my third Festool tool. No plans for further additions but.... Been thinking about one of these puppies for awhile now. Hope I like it as much as it seems others do.
  10. Bas

    Using stuff the way it wasn't meant to be used

    I was thinking how many items used in glue-ups weren't originally designed for that purpose. Like acid brushes. I also use the small Dixie cups, much easier to dip the brush than messing with the bottle. Wax paper helps keep the workbench clean. There are other items I use in the shop that you...
  11. Jon

    Funny dust collector stuff

    When I first got on North Carolina Woodworker I read a post saying how they let the DC get to full and it went up into the filter. I sat here and would think to myself How in the world can you be that busy that you couldn't empty the bag. Well I have been working in the shop alot lately and I...
  12. Bas

    Sweating the small stuff

    When we talk about spending money on tools, it's typically the "big four" (table saw, band saw, jointer, planer). But it's the "small thousand" that's killing me! Here's a short list of everything I've purchased in the last six months to set up shop. Bear in mind that this does NOT include...
  13. Travis Porter

    20 Percent off paint stuff at Amazon

    Through the 13th Amazon has 20 percent off paint equipment and supplies. Of course, I took advantage of it myself. I have one of these on the way.:eusa_danc...
  14. Weather Station

    Weather Station

    1998 Christmas presents.
  15. Top Detail

    Top Detail

  16. Tarhead

    Free Shipping on Big, Heavy Stuff at Amazon

    FYI: Dear Tools & Hardware Customer, As you're a valued customer who has purchased tools, we wanted to let you know about the Free Shipping event in our Woodworking Shop. For a limited time, get free Standard Shipping on all stationary and benchtop woodworking power tools sold by
  17. R

    Cheap Makita stuff from HDT

    New sub forum... new hot steamin deal... Just got this in the mail... Makita LS1013FL 10" Dual Compound Slider With Fluorescent Light & Laser ! - $399 Shipped (Use Discount Code justsaynotoamazon1 In Your Cart) While Supplies Last Only Makita 6935FDWDEX 14.4 Volt Impact/Drill/Light Kit...
  18. R

    More Stuff at the ReUse Center

    Hot off the presses... Here's the list of stuff from the latest version of the sale e-flyer from the Habitat for Humanity ReUse Center in Raleigh. You can get additional information about the store as well as directions to it from their webiste Chrome Flat...
  19. T

    Is Grizzly Industrial Good stuff

    Finally have a basement and can buy some tools. I have been looking around for a cabinet type table saw & planner. Grizzly "seems" to have the best value. Does anyone have expereince with them. I don't want to buy a pig and a poke.
  20. A

    Got some stuff for sale

    Last post of the day, whew!!!- I just listed some good stuff at great prices on the Buy and Sell Tools forum. Check it out, tell your friends. Help me raise enough money for a Shelix for my DJ-20. :lol::lol::lol:

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