1. clocks


    Another front view.
  2. clocks


    some of the clocks I made, showing MOST of my mistakes. Top section of Midnight Kiss clock.
  3. clocks


    some of the clocks I made, showing MOST of my mistakes. Front of Midnight Kiss clock, using maple and mahogany.
  4. clocks


    Neighbor came over one day with 2 nice pieces of old red oak shelf boards. He wanted me to glue them up so he could make a desk for his daughter, who is a nursing student. He also had 4 4x4x24 poplar pieces for the legs. This is what we made
  5. clocks


    some of the clocks I made, showing MOST of my mistakes
  6. clocks


    Some miniature horse drawn vehicles. I have the plans for 12 different vehicles. I've made 10 of them so far--1/4 birch plywood and pine.
  7. sapwood

    Old Leigh dovetail jig and other stuff . . . Cary

    Hey, it's free! Roger
  8. T

    More Stuff

    I have updated my Charlotte NC area-only tools page. If you did not save the link - email me at More "stuff" is coming in the future also. Recently added a Leigh Super Jig, a bunch of mobile bases/exensions, drill press table, Rout-R-Lift plate (with free PM2000 table if...
  9. timf67

    Small Stuff

    Everyone, The one thing I love about this community is that I can show off my projects to people that can really appreciate what it takes to make them! So, I am going to be selfish now and post a few pics from a few of my small but favorite projects! Thanks for looking (and indulging me!)
  10. CrealBilly

    Measurements for stuff

    It's probably already on the site but I can't find it. Looking for common measurements (length / height / width) for tables / chairs /beds and furniture stuff. Thanks
  11. WoodWrangler

    The best of ... lathe stuff

    This is the second of a couple "the best of..." posts I've started. The idea behind it was to get people talking about tools and accessories and whatnot that they've used and really find to be of much use. Sometimes this is the unexpected satisfaction you get from a purchase, sometimes you knew...
  12. reprosser

    Some recent stuff

    Finished up some bowls and my first tool handle this week. White cedar and Black Walnut - boy, do they turn differently !! The bowls are mineral oil finish, except the one BW shallow dish, which is Poly Wipe. Friction polish on the tool handle (it will wear off quickly in use, but highlights the...
  13. Threejs

    Three questions about bandsaws (and stuff)

    So I bought a steel city 14" bandsaw (model 50100), and have it mostly put together in my shop. Now this is my first "real" bandsaw. (I owned a BS99 plastic piece of junk at one time, but felt it was better suited for my kids to take apart, after the aluminum tensioner broke, but that is another...
  14. Bas

    Batteries for Wixey stuff

    Batteries on Wixey stuff tend to die fairly quickly, because they never actually shut off. I ordered some recently from dealextreme, and they appear to work just fine. No idea whether they last as long as batteries you buy retail, but for the price it's hard to go wrong. 20 for $3.67 shipped...
  15. ErnieM

    What is this stuff?

    I don't know if this is a new product, but it just showed up at the local BORG. It's much cheaper than mineral spirits,which has gone through the roof lately. Directions say to shake it before use. The liquid looks milky, like Polycrilic. I've been using it for a couple of weeks and I like it...
  16. Rob

    Stuff turnings I've been working on

    Some stuff I've turned, just finished the goblet this morning. The goblet and vase I finished with Danish oil then paste wax. The bowl I stained Red Mahogany, then paste waxed. Goblet made from Black Cherry I got from Bob (WoodArtz) The vase I did from Maple I got from Phil (ptt49er)...
  17. Douglas Robinson

    People who join just to sell stuff

    What are peoples thoughts about charging for ads for people who join just to sell stuff? If they have less than a certain number of posts or none at all? Just curious. Doug
  18. J

    ? Making big stuff flat and smooth ?

    Maybe you guys could help me get a clue. I see wide slabs like this one on some of the premium lumber yards My question is how in the world do the manage to get a big honking slab like that so smooth? I had my eye on a 52" planer for quite some time it's powered by a Cat diesel - the...
  19. R

    More cool stuff from Habitat's ReStore

    Here's all the latest from the Raleigh ReStore Remodeling your Kitchen? Call Andrew for information on Habitat Wake’s Kitchen Cabinet Removal Service, 833.1999 x231. Donate and Deduct your old cabinets! See photos of selected merchandise. MISCELLANEOUS New Tile New...
  20. Glennbear

    dust collection stuff

    Hartville Tool is having a 30% off sale on all their dust collection fittings , hoses, etc. pretty much everything for dust control from now until Aug. 31 :wsmile:

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