1. Gotcha6

    Scary Stuff

    While looking at the site this morning, I decided to review the Viewers Online Dept. Some of you may not know that you can click on the" NCWWERS Online" area and see who - or what is viewing the site as well as where they are ON the site. Much of the guest area is filled with spiders & such...
  2. TracyP

    Why are we putting up with this stuff? It goes against the NCWW posting policies and is for the most part detrimental to our well being as a friendly...
  3. zapdafish

    50% off select Taunton stuff Not sure how I got on their mailer but I've been getting these.
  4. Tarhead

    CA or Epoxy Grain Filling on Flat Stuff?

    I know CA is used on Pens as a finish but does anyone have any experience using it or Epoxy on flat things for grain filling? The topic came up in a discussion and the technique seemed too simple. Round off the corners of a straight edge razor blade and use it as a squeegee to work the stuff...
  5. Mark Stewart

    If you sell stuff what to do with cash?

    Not that I am selling anything these days but if you did what do you do with the cash, I have decided to (shhhh its a secret from my wife) take the money if I sell something and place it into an account. I have decided to take a pilgrimage to "burning Man" Its a festivall in the AZ desert this...
  6. richlife

    Slab (and other stuff)

    A couple of my threads got closed while I was away: Grill Case at: and Large Slab at: . So let me finish (and start) here again. About the grill case, Tarhead and...
  7. Phil S

    More FREE stuff

    Some shop building supplies: This time I have some surplus sheetrock that needs to be gone before next Sunday. All of the sheetrock is 5/8" class x. I have 6 boards of 4 x 12 and about 15 boards of 4 x 10 All are in perfect shape and in a warehouse at RTP for easy loading. Let me know...
  8. free


    400 w metal halide fixture requires 277 volts
  9. free


    74" base and upper cab Plastic laminate on particle board substrate
  10. botebum

    Pastel Beach Stuff

    I had a request from the consignment shop next door for some 'beachy' signs to sell to the beach goers that pass by.(I live on a fairly major beach route). When she told me how much the stuff goes for I was all in! You know the stuff I'm talking about? Faded/distressed pastels that say stuff...
  11. DavidF

    Some fun stuff turned over the weekend

    Here are a couple of projects turned from a splated holly log that Roger (sapwood) gave me at last years picnic. The toothpick dispenser was a fun project and works well. It is about 4 1/2" tall by about 2 3/4" max dia. Finish is a friction polish. The bowl is about 7" dia and about 5" tall...
  12. TheLazyC

    Pen Stuff on the way

    Ok, I have ordered everything I need to make my first 10 pens. Right now I only have about $97.42 per pen invested. So I will have to make a lot more to get that cost per pen down. And I am sure I left something out. And not to mention how much I will mess up.
  13. owen299

    Woodworking Stuff for X-Mas

    I know every one got some sort of gloat on the way. Here's mine. Socks, shirts and skivies...I guess I do wear all three in the shop so does that count.:dontknow: Remenber the true reason for the season and have a wonderful holiday
  14. PChristy

    For the small stuff

    Performance W1709 36 Pc Hobby Knife Set Price:$27.05 Sale Price $13.99 + UPS $5.00 shipping
  15. sawman101

    Photos of more clocks and stuff

    I posted some new photos of some of my work. I just finished the Mini Grandfather Clock a few days ago. I also posted pix of the Wilderness Clock. Both are Wildwood Designs plans. I carved the deer and the goose out of ebony, and the birds in the nest from discolord poplar. I haven't as yet...
  16. Mini Grandfather Clock

    Mini Grandfather Clock

    Cherry and black walnut. Mini Grandfather Clock, a Wildwood Designs pattern.
  17. clocks


    Station Regulator clock I just had to build. Got the plans from my brother, who had attempted to make one and given up. It has Westminster chimes.
  18. clocks


    Side view.
  19. clocks


    Another Steve Good design clock. This one is red oak with sprayed on shellac.
  20. clocks


    Let Freedom Ring clock. Unkown wood. Got the piece from my brother. It was light wood with a slight rose hue. Sprayed with shellac and the finish darkened right down with the appearance of black walnut. This is a Steve Good design.

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