1. Canuck

    Pretty Good Deal for Pocket Screws.

    If you are into doing a lot of projects with pocket hole joinery, Sears is currently running a good deal on Kreg Pocket Screws. Example........ Wayne
  2. bluthart

    Generic Kreg Screws???

    So I just bought the Kreg Master System. Any experience with buying generic screws and if so where can I find them? I saw some on ebay but you never know what you get. Any suggestions? Are generics near as good? Thanks for any input.
  3. F

    Using 2 bench screws to make a vise

    I was hoping someone has done this before, but the thought was to use 2 ordinary bench screws (like these) to create my own twin screw vise. Thoughts, comments?? :banana:
  4. K

    Stainless steel screws

    Where is the best/cheapest place to buy stainless steel screws for outdoor projects ?
  5. DanR

    Bulk deck screws

    I am building a fence and need about 4,500 deck screws. Does anyone know of a local place to buy in bulk? Thanks, Dan
  6. F

    Kreg Screws 5000 Count Around $30+ @Sears - More than 1/2 off Amazon

    Here is the Search for Kreg 5000 @Sears Most of the Zinc 5000 counts are around $29 to $35 vs Amazon's $80 plus. Free Shipping if you use code "MEMORIALDAY" On order over $99 Or you can sign up for the 30 day trial of ShipVantage
  7. Ken Massingale

    Self Drilling/Tapping Screws Dilemma

    We just had a metal shelter built for the Kubota and stuff. The frame is 12 guage galvanized steel. The erectors, Carolina Carports (great folks and products), used self drilling screws to assemble the frame, roof etc. They left several dozen for me, and I used several to install some shelf...
  8. Steve_Honeycutt

    Looking for a source for wood screws, t-track, and shellac

    Looking for sources for the following items: Miscellaneous wood screws T-track Shellac I am looking for reasonable prices and good quality. I have checked on the sponsors websites. I don't like the prices for the screws at the BORG. What can I say, I am cheap, thrifty value-minded:wwink...
  9. W

    Spax Screws

    What makes spax screws so unique and what are the best applications for their use? Hear a lot about them but obviously don't kn ow much about them. Thanx one and all.
  10. Bas

    Very small screws

    Managed to successfully drive home 9 screws, but snapped the head off #10. Arg. I need a very small philips head brass screw, #1, 3/8" long (actually 7/16"). There are several sources on-line, but that would mean I end up with a box of 100 plus $4 shipping. That seems overkill for ONE screw...
  11. Canuck

    Drawer Slide Screws?

    Is there anyone out there who can tell me if Ace, Lowes or HD carry the screws used for mounting full extension ball bearing drawer slides? I know that I can get these at Woodcraft...
  12. blazeman45

    1600 Screws With a Few To Go!!!

    Getting close to completing my screened porch addition.... I am nearly finished with the IPE T&G floor... It took over 1600 screws to drill, countersink, and install. Man what a job that was!! At least I got finished in time for the weather to be too cold to use it!! :gar-La; Going to stain it...
  13. N

    Screwy screws

    I'm building a writing table out of quarter sawn white oak. I'll admit this is the hardest wood I've ever worked with in my very short time in woodworking. The plans call for #8 fh woodscrews in a variety of lengths. So I went down to Lowes and bought a few packages. However, I am having a heck...
  14. cpw

    OSB Sheathing - How many screws?

    I'm almost done hanging the OSB sheathing on the stud wall in the shop but I'm starting to have second thoughts about the number of screws I'm using. I didn't want to go nuts, waste a bunch of screws, and have a screw head in the way every time I wanted to hang something. Then again, I don't...
  15. eyekode

    Wood screws: Moxon double screw vise and thread for leg vise

    Thanks to Tom (toolferone) I got the chance to use a Beall wood threading kit like this one: Pretty cool kit. Especially the tap that has a guide in front of the threads to make sure you are taping in line with your pilot hole. First...
  16. eyekode

    Thread box and tap for wood screws?

    The bench I am working on will have a leg vise. My current metal vise has taken a bite out of my chisel, dented the handle of my mallet, and put black marks on lots of work pieces. Ok, alright I might have had something to do with that :). But my next vise I would prefer a wood screw. Does...
  17. Mr. Lahey

    Nails Vs Screws

    I just can't think of many reasons to use nails at all. As I understand screws hold better, and don't you have to take time to drill pilot holes for nails anyway?
  18. Bas

    Pocket hole screws & joint creep

    I'm trying to make a simple butt joint between two pieces of plywood. They're about 10" wide. I drilled two pocket holes (at the correct depth for 3/4"), put one piece on the other, and clamped them together with a Kreg right angle clamp. The edges are perfectly flush at this point. The problem...
  19. J

    A Butt Load of Screws

    Last night I posted about bats being in our house. Well today, I figured where I thought they were coming and going under the corrigations of the panels on the solar collector. I decided to add more screws to clamp down on opening under panels. Well tonight after dark, I went out front, turned...
  20. Bas

    Kreg pocket hole screws & clamps

    I plan to build my cabinets using pocket hole screws (if I can ever get my thumb out of this splint... :BangHead: :BangHead: :BangHead:). The screw length charts, like the one at McFeely's are very helpful, but don't address screw gauge. A few questions: What screw gauge do you use for...

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