1. newtonc

    ridgid drum sander on CL RAL

    Not mine. It comes with the drums and belts,so I'm assuming it's the Ridgid drum/belt sander. It has been mentioned many times before people wanted one.I have one and like it a lot. That price is okay,but still better than the new price.If the condition is good it might be a good buy for...
  2. DavidF

    Thoughts on this sander for lathe work?

    Anybody have this sander from HF? any thoughts on using this for sanding bowls on the lathe etc? TIA
  3. Tarhead

    Someone was Looking for an Oscillating Spindle Sander

    Found one on auction in Lincolnton: Good luck finding the spindles.
  4. Ken Massingale

    24" Grizzly Twin Drum Sander - $675 (Piedmont)

    Between Greenville and Anderson, SC
  5. B

    drum sander advice

    A beginning woodworker here shopping for a drum sander. I've reviewed all the old posts and reviews but find my question unanswered. Space is a big concern since I'm set up in a 12 x 22 shop that is already crowded. The sand-flee intrigued me but after reading posts and talking to the...
  6. Travis Porter

    Double drum sander

    Found on Craigslist. Looks to be in good shape and for a double drum unit might be a good price.
  7. woodArtz

    Another drum sander (10-20) $400

    Is this a good deal?
  8. Tarhead

    16-32 Drum Sander $300 Salisbury

    On CLT Craigslist. Not mine, yada,yada
  9. ptt49er

    Someone needs a WB Sander don't they? Charlotte CL

    Reply to: [?] Date: 2008-11-10, 2:23PM EST This model includes : • 5" x 16" extruded aluminum drum, self-cooling, precision machined and balanced • Drum operates at 1725 RPM • Continuous duty motor offers the advantages of heavier use for longer periods of...
  10. rick7938

    1/4 Sheet Finish Sander

    My old B&D finish sander finally bit the dust today. Anyone have any suggestions for a replacement? I have looked at so many on the internet and it is hard to decide without using them all. I would like to get as much comfort, durability, and value as possible. Thanks for any feedback.
  11. A

    [How Do I-Main Site] Sell my sander...

    Just wondering if anyone has suggestions on selling my DELTA 6" Belt/ 12" disc Finishing Machine . Is it just the economy and no one can part with $575.00's? This is a powerful maching with little use on it. It runs great and I have included the mobile base and Disc's and belts...
  12. lottathought

    Bent the shaft on my sander

    I need a little advice from one of the tool experts on here. I have the Ridgid oscillating spindle and belt sander. This summer, a weed eater jumped off the wall in the garage and landed on the sander. I thought everything was ok at the time..but I was too busy to do any woodwork this summer. I...
  13. J

    Jet 16/32 sander $400 0n Ral CL

    not mine. looks like a good deal
  14. zapdafish

    tablesaw disk sander

    Anyone use one of these? I am going to try making a curved template for my router this coming weekend and since I don't have a sander, I thought I would give it a try rather than do it by hand with a sanding block. Not sure if the tablesaw might be to fast, etc. Thnx...
  15. NCPete

    woodtek edge sander? Raleigh Craigslist

    Is this a smoking deal??? not that I have the funds available :( but maybe you do? $450
  16. SkintKnuckle

    Performax sander on CL

    Not mine and don't know them, Looks to be a good deal, I already have one.
  17. sawduster

    belt/disc combo sander

    Well the old 6" Delta Shopmaster finally stripped a gear and now I have to replace it :mrgreen: :tool: :mrgreen: Any input/advice from any real woodworkers out there ? I could do the regular online search/comparisons but would rather hear from the folks whom I trust :icon_thum Perhaps...
  18. K

    Oscillating spindle sander

    The more I read the two BS box books the more I think I might need a Oscillating spindle sander. I did look in my WWS book and I really do not want to pay as much as the Delta and Jet cost. Any opinions welcome. Read the reviews on Amazon for this one Delta SA350K Shopmaster Boss 1/4...

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