1. Book Vessel

    Book Vessel

  2. Book Vessel

    Book Vessel

  3. Sub Project - Design Starboard

    Sub Project - Design Starboard

    The makings of a submarine made from a Telephone Pole.
  4. Sub Project- Design Port

    Sub Project- Design Port

    The makings of a submarine made from a Telephone Pole.
  5. Sub Project - Design Overhead

    Sub Project - Design Overhead

    The makings of a submarine made from a Telephone Pole.
  6. Sub Project

    Sub Project

    The makings of a submarine made from a Telephone Pole.
  7. Sub Project

    Sub Project

    The makings of a submarine made from a Telephone Pole.
  8. M

    WANTED: Woodworker in or near Raleigh

    I have a thin wood panel (white hardboard) that I need cut into perfect circles of a few different diameters. I will most likely need this service on an ongoing basis, but I first have to do some testing with this initial set of circles/disks. If you have the right equipment to cut wood panels...
  9. D

    First project complete in new shop

    Well, in between travel, holidays, and an extended visit from my MIL and her extended family; I was able to build and complete my outfeed table (my first project).:icon_cheers Top is one layer of 3/4" cheap ply sandwiched with 3/4" cabinet grade ply on top. The legs are 3/4" ply butted together...
  10. M

    Starting a Deer Trophy Mount Project

    I have a co-worker who has asked me to make a mount base for a deer head he wants to display on his wall. I figured there's a chance that there are one or two hunters out there who might be able to help me. This guy brought me a paper pattern (to size) of the mount-base he wants. It is a...
  11. Rhythm House Drums

    Advice on a new project

    So I'm wanting to start something that's probably pretty simple... but I have just recently acquired a lathe and have some questions... Here is something similar to what I'm wanting to do... These are "plugs" or "eyelets", for the hollow ones... or earrings.. I have my ears stretched to fit...
  12. AmishWarlord

    Found a nice clock project I'd like to do.

    This is my kind of clock!
  13. farmerbw

    Quick Ornament project

    LOML and I put these together a couple of Friday nights ago as gifts for our daughter's soccer team coaches. Pretty quick and not too difficult, at least not for me since all I had to do was cut the Maple rounds, stain and then topcoat after she burned them!! :gar-La;:gar-La; Stains are GF...
  14. CDPeters

    This weekend's project

    For you viewing pleasure :rotflm: Here is a keepsake box I made this weekend for a colleague who is getting married next weekend. The plan is modified from a Woodsmith Shop project. The body of the box is ambrosia maple I bought from a local sawyer a couple of weeks ago and the ends are some...
  15. K

    First post, first furniture project

    Hi All, This is my first post here. With the kids off to college, I decided to get into the woodworking hobby several months ago to occupy my time away from my day job. I like working with my hands and thought this could also be a stress relieving actvitiy as well. In addition to the miter...
  16. J

    project complete: Curly maple dining table

    Let me start this story at the beginning. a little over a year ago I decided that I wanted to build a dining table for a friend of mine. It was to be quite an ambitious project because I was just starting out as a woodworker. A few friends of mine convinced me to do an end table first so that I...
  17. drw

    Flip Work Table: Project Completed

    I have been wanting to build a solid worktable for my shop, but couldn't find a plan that was suitable for my small work area. The recent issue of Wood magazine has a plan for a work table that actually flips down so you and push it aside, if needed. The table is extremely sturdy, in fact the...
  18. MarkE

    My latest project, drawers for the pantry.

    Just got these installed today. We had a couple of very inexpensive Sterlite plastic drawer sets on wheels that we got from Walmart in the pantry. These things were a PITA since we got them (about a year and a half ago). I finally got around to building some decent built in drawer units to...
  19. drw

    Cordless Tool Station: Project Completed

    In my continuing effort to organize my little shop, I wanted to find a more satisfactory home for the cordless drills/drivers other than on top of the work bench. The project is an adaptation of a plan from Plans Now and is made from some odds and ends pieces of 3/4 cherry veneer that I had left...
  20. F

    Looking for some direction / suggestions on this project

    I've been asked to build this for someone. I'm sort of stuck on the general design at this point. The front panels are curved so it has to be a formed piece, and it has to be very load-bearing. I'm planning on the entire project being panels of vacuum pressed veneer work, but they aren't...

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