1. Jim Murphy

    RADII: Hoarding, jigs and math

    Well, this is not a very detailed HOW TO, but it does instruct, so maybe it fits here. First, let's talk about hoarding. I'm not sure if hoarding is a recognized mental defect, but I tend to think it is. If not, it should be. I obviously suffer from the disease. Since I got my big Rikon, I...
  2. TracyB

    Dovetail Jigs??

    I have never cut a dovetail in my life. I was thinking about getting a DT jig for just in case I ever want to. Problem is I know nothing about them. Some reviews I have read say not to get plastic templates(like Rockler) because they flex too much. I don't want to put a ton of money in one...
  3. G

    Another email special for dovetail jigs

    http://www.rockler.com/logon/V9714land.html?ref_id=6226&ref_t=Z&originid=69199046 nice deal :gar-Bi
  4. Joe Scharle

    Jig(s) workshop

    Anyone else interested in a workshop (includes the guys here yesterday), send me a PM with your available dates and I'll set something up. I'm mostly retired, so weekdays are open. In your PM, tell me which jig you want to make. Some of the jigs are fairly complicated and will need to be...
  5. Joe Scharle

    Jig(s) workshop

    If there's any interest in a jig(s) making workshop at my shop, I'd be happy to host. Let me know if you're interested. Joe
  6. gator

    Toggle Clamps For Jigs

    Once again Harbor Freight has a coupon for toggle clamps. These are great for various jigs and fixtures around the shop. Here is the coupon: George
  7. JOAT

    Finished Some New Router Jigs

    http://community-2.webtv.net/Jakofalltrades/JIGSPATTERNSSUCH/ Finished these this evening. Less final trimming, and some fine-tuning sanding, that is. I figure these should save me several minutes worktime per piece made, and save loads of aggrivation.
  8. air force 1

    3 Box Joint Jigs in a 3/4"x24"PVC pipe

    I was having coffee this morning and had a brain storm. You see all them jigs in your shop, what if you could put three of them in a 3/4" PVC pipe about 24" long? And mount them on the side of your router table. Go down to the hardwear store and buy three square rods, 1/2" - 3/8" and 1/4" (or...
  9. J

    June TWA Meeting- Jigs,Jigs

    As you can guess from the title, TWA's June meeting will be on JIGS. Several members have agreed to bring in and explain some of the jigs they have built. There is always a new idea that you can take home to the shop. Meeting is Tuesday, June 19th, 7:30 PM at Klingspor's Woodworking Shop on...
  10. univland

    Dovtail Jigs What's a good one

    Hey all - I'm about to pony up and buy a dovetail jig that I need. Found a cheap ones on Harbor Freight - $30.00-50.00. I am tempted just to buy the Porter Cable model at Lowes for $120.00, but would love some input from anybody that has any...........Thanks........ John
  11. skysharks

    Dovetail jigs

    I would like some feed back on dovetail jigs. I see allot of nice work in here, and I am looking for preferences, ease of use, durability.
  12. PeteM

    MDF vs. Ply for jigs

    Most of the mags use 3/4 plywood for jigs. I use MDF ('cause it's cheaper!). Am I missing something? What, if any, are the benefits of using ply over MDF? pete
  13. DaveO

    Opinions on Kreg pocket hole jigs

    The quest to spend the rest of my B-day money is on. I have thought about a new TS blade, more clamps and other things. But I have heard great things about pocket hole jointery, and that is something that I don't have a jig for. I have $100 to spend at Amazon and have been looking at the Kreg K3...
  14. MJ-Ten Adjustable Mortising Jig

    MJ-Ten Adjustable Mortising Jig

    Finished Rail and Stile Mortises.
  15. MJ-9 Adjustable Mortising Jig

    MJ-9 Adjustable Mortising Jig

    Stile in position for mating mortise. Perpendicular stop not moved.
  16. MJ-8 Adjustable Mortising Jig

    MJ-8 Adjustable Mortising Jig

    1" wide x 1/4" x 1" deep mortise cut.
  17. MJ-7 Adjustable Mortising Jig

    MJ-7 Adjustable Mortising Jig

    Front and rear stops set for side-to-side movement only; router bit set at left end and stop locked -- 1" gap to right stop.
  18. MJ-6 Adjustable Mortising Jig

    MJ-6 Adjustable Mortising Jig

    Front side under router with adjustable perpendicular stop and rail clamped in place.
  19. MJ-5 Adjustable Mortising Jig

    MJ-5 Adjustable Mortising Jig

    The finished jig - clamped to bench and ready for a rail end mortise.
  20. MJ-3 Adjustable Mortising Jig

    MJ-3 Adjustable Mortising Jig

    Trend T3 Router setup for 1" mortise cut.

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