1. Berta

    So, this happened.

    I am in the process of building a table without help. My wood is cut to rough size and sanded smooth. I needed to build a tapering jig for the tablesaw. Well, I needed to trim the side to be perfect. I only needed to trim a VERY small amount. I put the finished jig on the table saw and BOOM...
  2. F

    Clearance for Router Bushings?

    Hi all, I'm settling in to build some router jigs, mostly for mortising and whatnot. Anyway, I trying to match bits up with two Whiteside bushing guides I bought awhile back. They both have pins to line them up properly and they're much better than the Porter Cable bushing guides I bought way...
  3. Tarhead

    Bet You Didn't Know Your Belt Sander Could Do This?

    That wild and crazy Guido Henn is at it again in this video from the German Woodworking magazine Holzverken. Mute it if you don't want to hear the German commentary. Now I just need to create a few jigs unless someone has a spare green Bosch beltsander...
  4. BWhitney

    Making Wood Work

    I found this site while looking for an image of a Dremel Drill Press. Some of our members may already be aware of the site, but I found it entertaining and enlightening. http://www.ibuildit.ca/ :cool:
  5. ScottM

    Corner clamps or jigs

    I am building a few frames and shadow boxed some of my scroll saw projects. I have a few of the Bessey 90 degree clamps but I am not super happy with them. What clamps and or jigs are you all using?
  6. S

    MFT Jigs for New Table! Gloat !

    Spent the WE testing and building new brackets, jigs, etc.. on new Workbench. Posted earlier thread: http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/showthread.php?t=36869 Hopefully these pics will illustrate just how functional this new table is! This pic shows all the jigs set up. They consist of a...
  7. MFT Table Jigs

    MFT Table Jigs

    MFT Table Jigs
  8. MFT Table Jigs

    MFT Table Jigs

    MFT Table Jigs
  9. MFT Table Jigs

    MFT Table Jigs

    MFT Table Jigs
  10. MFT Table Jigs

    MFT Table Jigs

    MFT Table Jigs
  11. MFT Table Jigs

    MFT Table Jigs

    MFT Table Jigs
  12. J

    Jigs, Jigs, Jigs

    Jigs, everybody loves them and most build a few. Some of our members are known for their jigs. Well the February program at Triangle Woodworkers is "Jigs and Tips." Members will be showing off some of their favorite jigs and tips. Most will be shop built, and some will be "store bought." (I'm...
  13. Jesse

    Jigs, horizontal mortiser, wooden bandsaw and more.

    I'm inclined to build a horizontal mortiser based on this fella's design. He also has some fantastic jigs. If nothing else, check out the band-saw he made out of wood! http://woodgears.ca/
  14. N

    Omnijig vs. other dovetail jigs.

    I've been looking at getting a dovetail jog for many years, but haven't been able to decide on what to go with. I'm now leaning towards the Omnijig from PC/Delta. It seems to me that it will really make the setup super easy compared to other jigs. Does anyone on the site have experience using...
  15. CrealBilly

    Jigs Forum

    For us bump and thump type of ww'ers and for obvious reasons, may we please have a jigs forum? Thanks
  16. Joe Scharle

    Jig(s) workshop

    My midsummer project has been put on hold for awhile, so if anyone wants to work on some jigs, just let me know. I'm mostly retired, so any day is usually good for me.
  17. WoodWrangler

    The best of ... jigs

    This is the fifth of a couple "the best of..." posts I've started. The idea behind it was to get people talking about tools and accessories and whatnot that they've used and really find to be of much use. Sometimes this is the unexpected satisfaction you get from a purchase, sometimes you knew...
  18. MrAudio815

    Lathe Drum Sander? Can it be done? & Jigs

    Hey Everyone,:gar-Bi Just wanted to get your thoughts and ideas. :notworthy: I was thinking of using my lathe as a Drum/Thickness Sander for flat work,:widea: as it does have a motor and spins! Then I would make a bed to attach to the lathe bed and then add DC to the top? What do you think...
  19. Bryan S

    Porta-Cable Dovetail Jig Opinions

    Wth the latest 2 projects the misses wants (dresser and lingerie chest)there's alot of drawers involved. To keep from having to do false fronts blind dovetails may be a good way to go with this. I have been giving some thought to the Porta-Cable 4210 jig. It is reasonably priced (translation...
  20. Joe Scharle


    I'll be available this week should anyone want to work on their jig(s).

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