1. D

    Anyone interested in figured cherry?

    I'm looking into buying some figured cherry from this ebay seller and wanted to find out if anyone has interest in taking some of the wood off my hands. The price, with shipping, would be about 8.50 per board foot. It looks like beautiful wood...
  2. CarvedTones

    Anyone interested in going in in mshel's wood?

    In the classifieds; he is selling some turning squares and some flat boards. I am interested in the turning squares, but my wife will shoot my if I make another stack of boards.
  3. Mike Davis

    Is anyone interested?

    in a beginning spoon carving workshop? I would limit it to 4 - 6 students, very informal, low cost to cover materials, tools will be supplied for workshop and may be purchased after the workshop. Probably about $50 - $75 for the day. Will use shaving horse, bent knife, spoke shave. I will...
  4. taandctran

    anyone interested in some walnut logs in greensboro?

    I have guy in greensboro that is offering up a walnut tree for free. I dont know the size or exact location ( he said close to the air port) Im wondering if anyone closer would be willing to help haul away part of it. (I live a hour away and dont want to make but 1 trip). I can give more...
  5. C

    Pie Safe Video coming if ya Interested

    Hey All, As most of you know we been known to do a video now and again, Thought it would be fun to do an on line video series on building a pie safe , it will be on you tube and our own video players..all totally free and just for fun..... it will also be written about and all the...
  6. R

    Anyone interested in black walnut trees?

    I have 2 extremely large ominous black walnut trees looming over my house. I'd like them cut in half but I may be able to be talked into cutting them down completely. If anyone bonded and insured would like them you can have them free but you gotta come cut them down or in half. If your not...
  7. T

    Anyone interested in my job?

    No, I am not leaving the company or my position. My counterpart in the northeast has taken a sales rep position with us, so we are looking for his replacement. First off it is up north! From Maine to New Jersey, including PA, OH, and WV. You would need to move up that way. Of course it means...
  8. PChristy

    Anyone interested in this

    Free==Shop Smith machine sorry about the bad pictures - cell phone plus bad lite in boss mans shop not a good combo - It was given to me about a year ago and I do not want it - I have not even used it - I do not know that much about it - I think that you can lay it down or maybe even add...
  9. scsmith42

    UPDATE on 1st POST RE: Getting together to make some handscrew clamps?

    As part of the outfitting of my new shop, I’m going to need a good quantity of handscrew clamps. Commercial prices vary, from top of the line Dubuque / Jorgensen’s for over twenty bucks each to the inexpensive imports for 4 - 8 bucks each. In researching the clamp options, I discovered that...
  10. Ralrick

    Anyone interested in building a Customer Bar?

    I'm looking to have someone build a custom bar in a basement of a house we have at Lake Gaston. I have a general idea of what I want but the plan is not fixed by any means and therefore I'd be looking for some input on the plan as well as you building/installing (I can assist in the install if...
  11. Truefire

    Anyone interested in Lively standing Red Maple tree?

    Hey guys, my neighbor has a older Red Maple that has contracted some form of blight or possibly bugs of some type that have killed a section of the tree's canopy. It is however healthy looking by the bark and the leaves in the rest of the canopy to include the trunk. It really is like just one...
  12. scsmith42

    Is anybody interested in some free spalted oak?

    One of our NCWoodworker members, David Sheuring, and I have been corresponding about some large willow oak logs that he picked up last year from a tree removal at Campbell University. I went out and looked at them today, and discovered that they are extensively spalted in the heartwood, and...
  13. Bryan S

    Burlington area lunch gathering who's interested?

    I would like to guage interest and put together a Burlington lunch gathering. We have had several new members in this area join recently as well as some that have been here for a while that I have not met, one which lives just around the corner from us. So who is interested. I was thinking...
  14. jaustin

    Someone interested in making 2 shelves?

    I was asked to make two shelves and I pretty much got the design done. But i don't think i can get the finished completed nice. He would prefer to make it from Mahogany that will match the walls in his office. here is a link to the thread in which i have pictures in it that shows the design of...
  15. C

    Laser engraving.. for those interested

    I had a customer order a pen with a name engraved on it. I thought I would post the results in case anyone else is interested in this service. Engraving is $5. If you want the engraving color filled it is an extra $3. Return shipping is free. This pen is gold color filled. Generally, I...

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