1. Worktable


  2. SawBuck

    Adjustable Height Assembly Table?

    I built an assembly table top for the shop back in January, but I never got around to building a base for it. I just can't seem to settle on the type of base I should build. I've gotten by on some OSB knock downs until now. View image in gallery I have found myself raising the surface...
  3. Mike Davis

    Kitchen bar height table FINISHED

    We decided to keep the bar top from the old house and add legs to it for a bar height table. I cut some locust posts from the farm and a special sassafras limb that the kids used to sit in when they were little. Then a couple maple saplings that had vines wrapped around as they grew to make...
  4. home made Digital height gauge

    home made Digital height gauge

    A modified $10.00 HF digital caliaper made in to a height gauge
  5. Adjustable-height folding sawhorses

    Adjustable-height folding sawhorses

  6. CarvedTones

    Using a caliper as a height gauge

    This has come up a few times and I explained what I use but I am not sure it was clear so I figured I would snap a picture and explain... A couple of notes about the photo - The cracks on my caliper display are not from clamping it; it got smacked pretty good once and I was pleasantly...
  7. S

    Rockler Digital Height Gauge-$40

    For those who did not get the HF Dig Gauge deal, a small consolation; b Home Power Tools and Shop Accessories Table Saws and Table Saw Accessories Table Saw Miter Gauges, Tenoning Jigs and Fences Rockler Digital Height Gauge Rockler Digital Height Gauge Average Rating...
  8. S

    HF 12" Digital Height Gauge -$13

    Need to print out page for local HF to honor Inet pricing! http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Displayitem.taf?itemnumber=93488 12" Digital Height Gauge Easy-to-read LCD display SAE and Metric readings Stainless steel magnetic column Carbide tipped scribe Sturdy cast iron base...
  9. WoodWrangler

    Height Measuring Board

    Everyday my daughter (3) asks me to measure her height. She wants to know if she is growing! Well, yesterday morning I decided to make a little something to help. A very simple project for sure, it's a board with markers at each foot, and a sliding stop to mark the height. We'll paint it...
  10. H

    Adjustable Height Casters

    I am looking for some casters, where he height can be adjusted via the stem from above the caster. To explain a bit further: I am making a movable island for the kitchen and I want to install the casters to the underside of the island within the toe kick box. I want to install them such that...
  11. W

    Shortening the height of the barstool

    I have a fancy wood/metal barstool that does not fit too well in the kitchen island in our new home. The legs of the barstool are made up of metal probably hollow steel. I need to shorten the legs of the stool by about 3 inches. What can I use to get this accomplished? Is there any reasonable...
  12. MrAudio815

    Floor Cabinet Height? What's too high?

    Hey NCWWer's, I am building three floor cabinets for storage mostly and will use them a little as a work surface, as I am going to build an 8 foot work bench x 34" high X 22" deep after this project is done, for a work surface. Question's What's too high? too Deep? and too wide...
  13. eyekode

    Grizzly G0550, Delta DC-380 knife height?

    Anyone know the height the knives are supposed to be above the cutting cylinder for these planers? I have an off brand clone but do not have the setting jig. I built a simple jig to measure the height: And found that one of the knives was .01 higher than the others! The low ones were ~.065 and...
  14. SteveHall

    Jointer height opinions

    Should I saw 4" off of my jointer's legs? In doing some shop reorganization, I'm debating doing just this in order to get my open-base 6" jointer (an old Delta 37-190) below my tablesaw surface. Then it can sit right next to it and not be in the way of cuts on wide material. This would put...
  15. A

    Drill press table height mechanism

    I didn't want to hijack Rob's thread, but with the typically short quill travel of my DP I am always adjusting the table height. I dislike everything about the table height adjustment on my Delta 20-675 (?) drill press. Here is what I observed: The rack (tooth strip) can move around the...
  16. PChristy

    Right height

    Turners - what do you recommend for the right height for turning on your lathe - Scroll saws should be at elbow height - is that about right for the lathe
  17. M

    Adjustable Height Casters?

    Hi Everyone, I am in search of some simple casters that have an easy means of adjusting the height/level. I have some very old ones that have a threaded piece that goes through the mounting plate; this allows you to level whatever you are using the caster on very easily. Problem is that I...
  18. CarvedTones

    tool rest height

    The lathe I just picked up didn't come with a tool rest. I am going to keep my eyes open for one, but in the mean time I will just make one. For turning small spindle work, I am thinking of a fixed height bar ever so slightly below center line (a tiny bit more than half the thickness of my skew...
  19. LeftyTom

    Check Your Blade Height

    I intended to cut a 1" shim (I know, mighty big for a shim) on the TS. All went well until the end of the cut. Then I got kickback, mashed my finger (not worthy of a pic), and broke my blade guard. :BangHead: My error was the blade was set about 1/4" too low, from where I had made cuts...
  20. woodnick

    Lathe Height

    I'm 6' tall! What would a good height for the center line of the lathe spindle be?

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