1. dpsnyder

    Shop changes based on Shop Crawl feedback

    I was reminded at the picnic that I needed to report back on the shop reorg that started at the shop crawl in November. For those that were there I put a scaled graph paper in the middle of the shop and asked for ideas on rearranging it. Well no one was shy and I have implemented most of the...
  2. froglips

    Looking for feedback: "NCWW How Do I" page...

    I've been exploring creating a new feature/page. The idea is not new, but new for us. A single page you can look up how to do specific tasks or answer common questions about North Carolina Woodworker. This is by no means...
  3. timf67

    Anyone have feedback on the Jet JWBS-18QT-3 bandsaw?

    I am looking to upgrade my bandsaw in the near future and for some reason I am leaning towards the Jet JWBS-18QT-3. Does anyone own one or know enough about it to give me a review or some feedback?
  4. rick7938

    Feedback on Pat Warner Products

    I am wanting an offset base for my PC routers. From my searches on the web, Pat Warner's looks like the best for the money. Any feedback on his products and services?
  5. scsmith42

    Proportion feedback sought - toolchest

    My eldest brother and I are pretty close, and share in common interests such as antique engines, all types of metal fabrication and machining, automotive repair, etc. In addition, I have interests in woodworking. We are both “tool junkies” so to speak, and have been very fortunate to each have...
  6. Russ Denz

    Feedback on Classifieds

    I want to share some feedback on a seller in the classifieds but can't figure out how to do it / find instructions to do so. How do I do that? Thanks, Russ
  7. NCTurner

    JT turning tools CS/Product Feedback

    I just wanted to share a great customer service/ product review. Wed. night I finally made up my mind that I didn't really want to build my own rotary adapter for my vacuum chuck(PITA.) I had been sharing some emails with Tom Steyer of JT Turning Tools and decided to go that route instead so I...
  8. scsmith42

    Unexpected amonia fuming results -feedback requested

    Many of you will recall the post I put up last month seeking advice regarding amonia fuming: Earlier this week the big slabs went into a plastic tent structure, and 16 oz of what was supposed to be 28%...
  9. froglips

    Feedback: Request to change some site colors....

    We have had a good "complaint" about some background colors being hard to read. The thread is here: Here is where I came to understand the issue.
  10. U

    From Contact Us Form - Site Feedback - wasainterested member - wasainterestedmember@m

    Name: wasainterested member Email: Subject: Site Feedback -------------------- quote:If you disagree I am sorry to see you go another words we dont care if you go or stay because were the only ones that matter. polite way to say go FOFF if you disagree with us...
  11. farmerbw

    Shop Vac feedback

    While completing our last project my 2-3 year old Lowes shop vac bit the dust! :roll: It developed a "burning" smell and started making non-normal noises. I've still got to dig through my receipts to see exactly when I got it since it supposedly has a 3 year warranty, but in the interim I've...
  12. U

    From Contact Us Form - Site Feedback - Johnny W Morlan -

    Name: Johnny W Morlan Email: Subject: Site Feedback -------------------- Hello, my name is Johnny W Morlan. Great site you have. There is a thread that Dave O'Nan started here about...
  13. WoodWrangler

    Shop Layout Feedback Wanted

    This Friday I've got to rearrange to make room for the new stuff, and move out the stuff that's been sold. So I figure a whole shop rearrangment might be in order ... and I'd like your feedback. I don't have the luxury of a large shop, so space is limited (2 1/4 car garage). As always there...
  14. U

    From Contact Us Form - Site Feedback - Eugene Gregg -

    Name: Eugene Gregg Email: Subject: Site Feedback -------------------- i am interested in cherry bowl blanks 4"x13" or larger let me know if you can supply some and the prices gene gregg -------------------- User Name: Unregistered User ID: 0 IP Address:
  15. C

    Need Feedback on my feet

    Here's the profile I came up with for the feet. LOML came out to the shop and looked at my first shape and giggled. :-( I softened the edge and this is what I have now. Feet are 8 inch long x 2 1/4 wide. The actual feet will be 1 3/4 thick and the outer surface will be 7/8 proud of the...
  16. Y

    Feedback on Harbor Freight Jointers

    I was given a "New in the box" 6" jointer by a friend as a thank you for helping him with some work. It is one of the Central Machinery jointers sold by Harbour Freight for $289.00. I'm looking for tips and pointer from any problems these units may have. I did assemble the unit and after...

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