1. Corner Cupboard

    Corner Cupboard

    A little aggressive for a first project, but ti turned out great. Wish I had built it in two pieces though! It's actually pine with many coats of cherry gel and urethane
  2. rcflyer23

    Jelly Cupboard Build Update Got my Paint on **** FINISHED **** 06/19/10

    Well I couldn't let my dad(JCraig) have all the fun. I have had this Jelly Cupboard staring me in the face for a who knows probably a few months and finally decided it was time to get it out of the shop. I used milk paint on the inside and out with the exception of the top which I stained...
  3. rcflyer23

    Jelly Cupboard Build Update

    I've made some small progress on the jelly cupboard. Here is a shot of it. I have been able to get the shiplap back complete and the door hung I just need to put the cross braces in and punch the tin and then get it all painted and back together. View image in gallery View image...
  4. rcflyer23

    Jelly Cupboard Build Updated 3/11

    I started working on a Jelly Cupboard for the house. I have been planning on doing this cupboard for a while not but never thought I had the skill and then didn't have functional tools. Well I finally bit the bullet skill or not how else am I going to learn. :) Anyway.. Here are a couple...
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  11. Perquimans County corner cupboard

    Perquimans County corner cupboard

  12. Perquimans County corner cupboard

    Perquimans County corner cupboard

  13. Pine Cupboard

    Pine Cupboard

  14. Pewter Cupboard

    Pewter Cupboard

  15. K

    2nd picture post-chimney cupboard The story behind this chimney cupboard is not my magnificent woodworking ability:no: but the wood used to build it. I built this piece about 5 years ago. I have a lot of catching up to do on posting pictures:eusa_danc. There is a 3rd...
  16. J

    Corner cupboard update--hanging the doors

    Well it has been a long time and too much has gotten in the way, including the heat in the shop. I am winding down on the bottom of the corner cupboard. Finished trimming the doors this morning and hung the hinges. This is the test fitting. I need to remove everything for finishing, so I am...
  17. J

    Corner cupboard update--popping the eyes

    The corner cubboard bottom doors have been sitting around for a few weeks. They are stable and it is time for more fun. Now I need to pop the eyes in the birdseye maple. Need to gather some supplies: boiled linseed oil (BLO), turps, sour cream container, old sock, box lids. Here is where I move...
  18. J

    Corner Cupboard progress--door panels

    I thought that birdseye maple door panels would add some bling to the walnut cabinet and keep it from looking so dark. The maple boards have had about a month to adjust to the shop, so I split them this morning. For you hand tool users, I used a bandsaw, but could have used a frame saw. Bandsaw...
  19. J

    Corner cupboard progress--bottom doors

    It took two weekends to pare and plane the 8 tenons to fit the 8 mortices. They are all done now. Tight, but not too tight. Next operation is split the birdseye maple and make some bookmatched panels for the doors. Then I will start on the back. I split some furring strips with the bandsaw...
  20. J

    Corner cupboard progress--bottom door

    I am making slow but sure progress on my corner cupboard. I am still working on the bottom cabinet; specifically, assembling the doors. I am trimming the tenons on the rail pieces to fit into the mortices on the stiles. I just raise the bench dogs about 1/4" and clamp the rail between them while...

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