1. J

    Corner cupboard progress--door tenons

    So I took one of my rare vacation days Friday to watch the ACC tourney. Then spent the rest of the weekend glued to the set watching the Tar Heels bring another championship home.:cool: Also snuck in some woodworking between games. Made the grooves thru grooves on both rails and stiles. Then I...
  2. J

    Corner cupboard progress--bottom doors

    My day job is pretty stressful and this project is how I relax. It is more of a journey than a destination. Sorry for the slow progress--it may take another year to finish. This weekend's task was to cut up the rails and stiles for the doors. I was able to get all pieces cut out of some...
  3. J

    Corner Cupboard progress--door top rail

    This has been a good weekend for the corner cupboard. First I got the moulding applied the the foot build up. Next I installed the top door rail. This piece was an afterthought. The door frame just looked unfinished, so I added a rail. There is a rabbet on the back where it attaches to the top...
  4. J

    Corner cupboard progress--feet

    The walnut corner cupboard project is inching along--just the way I like it. This weekend I was able to install the foot buildup on each side along with a step up moulding on the front skirt. The drill--joint rough 5/4 wood with #7 and glue up. Use LN 40 1/2 to take off high spots. Use #7 to...
  5. J

    Corner cupboard glue blocks

    Got to work on the corner cupboard project a while today. I added some struts and glueblocks for strength.
  6. J

    Corner Cupboard Progress

    I love to see a project come together and thus had a great day in the shop! The wood was 5/4 rough NC walnut. After quite a bit of handplaning, I had enough pieces for a glue up. Here is the bottom of the cabinet. It needs glue blocks, stacked feet, moulding, and two paneled doors.
  7. Corner Cupboard

    Corner Cupboard

    Case is 3/4" Birch plywood White pine Faceand Paneled Doors. Inside is enamel statin finished Outside finish is homemade "antique pine" stain, and poly finish(satin)
  8. Corner Cupboard

    Corner Cupboard

    When we got married,we thought we would find a nice antique cupboard for our china. With 5 $100 bills in hand, off we went to Metrolina Expo, only to be sorely dissapointed. With some discussion, the new Mrs. agreed to let me buy a table saw and try my best. As you can see, it was a big...
  9. mshel

    Corner cupboard

    Well, I revisited my clients house to measure up for a handkerchief table and retook some photos of the corner cupboard I made her. Be kind, the pics still didn't turn out great but you will get the general idea. This shot shows the broken pediment and the rosettes I turned for it...
  10. mshel

    Hanging a corner cupboard.....

    getting ready to start on a hanging corner cupboard out of mahogany and am curious as to how others mount these to the walls. I am thinking about incorporating dual French cleats into the design so that it will be anchored from both sides. If I do this, the cabinet cleats will have to be inset...

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